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    Thank you for the info on the nomail part of guai group. I still do not like the format of it. So hard to read and keep up. Makes me appreciate this board so much more. But, inthe mean time it will work for some place to go and look through posting. I am at 1800 mg and have been feeling lousy since hitting that dose. I am going to try and find a mapper. I can see where it would be helpful to know if and what is clearing. Right now everything is just screaming and so very tired. I am a volunteer with a group called Sparks and tonite was the first nite I thought that I wasn't going to make it through with my sweet 10 little kids to the end. Of course, I come home and can not sleep so here I am. My body is whiped out but my mind keeps racing. Hopefully the benadyl will kick in soon. After 11 here in CA< anyhow, thanks so much for the info and I hopeyou find the relief you are looking for. Keep posting so I know how you are doing.......sure sounds like one heck of a ride we are on ! Blessings, Kathleen
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    Shalom, Shirl