Klonopin is no longer covered by Medicare part D.........

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by optimistic1, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. optimistic1

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    Just went to pick up my Clonazapam (Klonopin) and much to my surprise it is no longer covered by Medicare part D. I have been taking it for years for restless legs and sleep and have had no problem with it.
    Anyway, I called Dean Care to check it out and they told me that because it effects our brain chemicals, etc., it is no longer covered by them or any other Medicare part D supplement. Anyone run into this yet? Perhaps the problems from Effexor and other meds will effect what we need.
    Would like to read some opinions out there.
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  2. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

  3. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    Thanks much for your very informed reply.
    I too am very angry about this new development tho' I see that you and your daughter depend on these meds for problems that are more severe than mine and I am sorry.
    There are so many of us who use this med responsibly and so this was quite a surprise to me when I went to pick up my RX. Thank goodness there is a generic or many of us could not afford this most helpful drug.
    I hope your daughter is improving everyday and so sorry she was so ill.
  4. optimistic1

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    Thanks much. Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer smaller, neighborhood pharmacies. But, this is so great to know. This must be true for all meds so I am grateful for this info,
  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    not sure about sam's club...and order by the 100'a cheaper that way...have your dr. send off script for it..

    and yes the "new plan d" doesn't cover it...i ran into that probem myself...they do not cover any benzos

    i have medi-cal through the state so i have to get a tar to get it...it has been approved so w/o out it i am in big time burning pain throughhout my entire body...skin burns if anything touches it or not..

  6. optimistic1

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    Dear Jodie,
    There are many more uses for Klonopin than I ever dreamed of. Thanks for the Costco info. Love to order on line as it helps eliminate another errand.
    This is such an important medicine. And, so are other benzos. Our meds are priced out of sight as it is--now they have come up with something else. Too much.
    Many thanks,
  7. mezombie

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    I've encountered the same problem with Medicare Part D.

    I get my Clonazepam from drugstore.com at a reasonable price. If you get a script for 3 months worth (or like a 100 pills, as the previous poster suggested), it's really pretty cheap.

    I'm not a member of Costco or Sam's Club, and neither are anywhere near me, so I don't know how drugstore.com's prices compare to them.

    Hope this helps.
  8. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    Thank you very much-another one to add to my list.
    Bye the way, I love your name. You're lucky that you thought of it first.
  9. optimistic1

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    Isn't it great that Walmart has come out with $4.00 generics? I hear now that Target has joined the bandwagon. Goes to show us how much drugs are really marked up.
    You're right about the price of Clonazapam, its one of the less expensive ones. I don't know about Klonopin, the brand name.
    Thanks for your reminding us about Walmart generics,
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    By Part D. It sucks!

    Love, Mikie
  11. optimistic1

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    Your information about the possibility of Walmart tampering with our medicines occurred to me as soon as I heard about their new generic policy. But, I just have heard about their practices so I wasn't sure.
    But, now I would bet that there is every possibility for this to occur. I too like shopping there but we have to be careful. Price is not everything when it comes to our health.
    Thank you Haley,
  12. optimistic1

    optimistic1 New Member

    Yup, it just plain sucks. Sometimes these words are just perfect,

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