Klonopin ?...Mikki or anyone on this drug

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    Hi again, thanks Mikki for your answer about klonopin on my other post. I will be going to doc on Mon with Dr. Cheneys paper about this drug. My question to you is this: I am going to ask doctor for a trial script. Perhaps just one months worth to make him comfortable. Is one month long enough for this stuff to start working? Is this a drug I can take only occasionally for the racing brain or is this an everyday drug? Dr. Cheneys article did not really outline if this drug worked on this racing brian immediately. Also does anyone here use the doxepin with the klonopin that Cheney talks about?
    thanks guys. going horseback riding with hubby now.
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    I did get some immediate relief, especially with the anxiety and sensory overload. I would think that within a month, you should get some indication.

    Dr. Cheney believes we should take this all the time with the largest dose at night. I often do not take a daytime dose unless I feel anxious or encounter sensory overload or tinnitus. When I do dose during the day, I slip 1/4 of a .5 mgs. tablet under my tongue. If I take 1/2 during the day, it makes me sleepy.

    Love, Mikie
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    Benzodiazapenes such as klonopin are not like anti depressants which build up in your system. You can either take them as needed, or on a regular basis. From what I have read they work better if taken regularly, but I am not a doctor. You do have to consider the potential for "dependence" (not addiction, in the sense of craving it, but in the sense that you cannot just suddenly stop it because you may have withdrawal symptoms). You can get a lot of information about klonopin and benzos in general at a bulletin board sponsored by the Panic Disorders Institute (it also has a FAQ), I would give a link but don't want to violate any rules here.
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    I had to go back and re-read your previous post. After talking with Mikie--months ago, I asked my Doc about it, and he said let's give it a go.
    I take a daily dose at bedtime, and the improvement it has made with my sleep has been incredible. I had problems with my mind racing so much I couldn't get to sleep, and then untop of that, when I did, I had 15-20 wake ups a nite. Also I had what I considered mini-seizures, with jerking and twitching, and restless leg syndrome. The klonopin has taken care of that.
    I also during the day, if I go into a sensory overload mode, or jerking, twitching, etc. put one .05 mg. tablet under my tongue. The klonopin has been a real blessing.
    From the literature I have, klonopin should not be discontinued suddenly but tapered down, under a physicians care. Since reading your post about not being able to sleep and the sensory overload, this treatment protocol might be a good one for you.
    Best wishes,
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    Klonipin works right away. You didn't say if you are on any of the SSRI's. I had to change my dose, cut the Zoloft in half and start taking it in the morning because I found out that that was the culprit as to what was wiring me so I couldn't sleep. I was upping my dosage of klonipin too much and making my doctor nervous. But after I changed the zoloft I stabilized the klonipin at two .5 mg pills at night every night except for the now very occasional wired night which usually precedes a migraine. When I first took klonipin it knocked me right out, pronto, best night of sleep I'd had in MONTHS.
    Great to go riding, it makes me so high that I overdo it and then suffer a bit from the pain but it always seems worth it at the time. What kind of horses do you have? I have two cowponies, AQHA cutting horse bred fillies and an event horse, gigantic and loveable percheron/tb cross gelding.