Klonopin what is your dose how often do you take it?

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  1. butterfly83

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    I'm doing some research to prepare for my pain management appointment at the end of the month, and one of the things I was going to discuss with him was my use of Klonopin. I had hoped it would improve my selp and help with my 'sensory overload' problem. It hasn't really gotten there yet. I guess the sleep portion is alright but i'm still having sensory overload. It might be something i will just have to learn to live with, but i'd like to at least give this a fair shot before abandoning it.

    I am on .5mg of Clonazepam (generic form). 1 tablet at night.

    How much do you guys take to get some relief? I am thinking that I am not taking enough, or maybe should add another dosage in during the day.

    Could you please tell me how much and how often you take yours, and which symptoms it as improved for you.

    Thanks very much!!
  2. nina_and_me

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    I take 3 mg at bedtime, and 0.25 mg fast-acting dissolving type during the day if I'm feeling a lot of anxiety. The klonopin originally treated severe anxiety accompanied by PTSD. Although I no longer see a psychiatrist, the doctor who treats me for fibro believes that the klonopin is necessary for me to sleep and to keep what would normally be a very high baseline anxiety level to a lower level.

    I know 3 mg is more than most people take, and a little over a year ago, I tried to cut back by 0.5 mg because I felt better. I was also worried about addiction. I suffered severe withrdrawal. I went to the doctor because I was having chills, but I didn't associate that with the reduction in klonopin, but it was the cause.

    The doctor told me that he didn't want me to cut back, but that if we ever decided to do that, it would need to be done very slowly, and he would reduce the dose not by 0.5 mg. He would reduce it by cutting 1/2 of a 0.25 mg pill, or by 0.125 mg per night. We would see how that worked for a couple of weeks and go from there. He told me that I was not addicted to klonopin, but my body was physically dependant on it. He said it's not a bad thing - it's a good drug for me.

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    Hi - I acutally have a new doc appointment today and I was going to bring this up but I take I take 1 tablet 0.5mg at bedtime.

    I recently started taking the ODT tablet that disintergrate's in your mouth and it seems to make me fall asleep faster but only seems to last about 6 hours. I still find myself waking up with restless legs and have to get up.

    I am going to ask if I should raise my dose as well.

    Best Wishes!
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  5. suz45

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    Your doasage of Klonopin is on the low side even if your using it at night to help with sleep and sensory overload.

    I'm an unusual case, I take 2mg 2x daily for a seizure disorder, howver my dose is not typical. I had tried to reduce it several times a in the early 90's when I wanted to have children, however my seizures, particularly the nocturnal ones returned.

    Talk with your pain specialist, often people with anxiety take 1mg 1-2 x perd day. Klonopin stays in the body a real long time so you dont feel "high" or woosy just keeps the GABA and brain calm. Hope this helps,

    Good luck at your appt.

  6. NyroFan

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    I take 3mg. of Klonopin per day. It helps during the day and night.

  7. LAMSCer

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    I am down to .5mg 3 times per day (a.m., afternoon and p.m.) and have been taking it for 12 years. I feel better when I take more but I can't afford it and Roche Pharmaceuticals doesn't have a free drug program for Klonipin the way Pfizer has a free drug program for Zoloft.
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    I take .5 mg of Clonazepam, the generic version of Klonopin, at bedtime for sleep.
  9. butterfly83

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    Thanks everyone so much for your responses! I think i'll discuss with my doctor adding in an extra dose, and see if it is more benefitial to me.
  10. llama

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    I just started on Klonopin about 2 months ago. Was prescribed by sleep disorder doc. It had been taking me 2 to 3 hours to fall asleep everynight. He said that bordered on panic disorder.

    Started me off with 1mg. and allowed to repeat x1 if hadn't fell asleep in 1/2 hour. Well after several changes am now on 3mg. at bedtime. Truthfully, I need more, or something else because I still take Ativan 1mg. with it and sometimes throw in a few benadryl and can still take an hour to fall asleep (he doesn't realize about the additional drugs b/c I'm changing sleep docs, so it doesn't matter what he knows, he was an absolute JERK)

    Hopefully will like this new doc and I guess, will see what he's got in his "bag of tricks" to help me fall asleep. Mostly, I just want to be getting stage 3 & 4 sleep.

    Klonopin has helped somewhat with daytime anxiety, but still have terrible trouble with distractions/background noise. Anything extraneous? gets me irritable and almost panicky!

    Probably told you more than you wanted to know...sorry my anxiety manifests itself often in gabbiness lol.
  11. Granniluvsu

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    I take 0.5mg of generic Klonopin at night before bed along with gen. Flexeril l0 mg. The doc tried me first on the gen Flexeril before bed and that didn't do too much . However, when I take them both together about an hour before bed it helps alot.

    Hope this helps you in some small way. You just have to see wht works for you. Everyone reacts so differently to the same meds.

    Warm and big hugs,

    Marilyn (that granni)
  12. Gothbubbles

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    I got just got a rx yesterday for Klonapin .5mg tablets twice a day.

    I take this for myclonic spasms that are really violent, constant, painful, and scary. I am 25 and I've had CFS for 6 1/2 years.

    I've noticed that the first hour or 2 on klonapin I'm dizzier and way more zonked out (but I have NO spasms! Horray!), and then my awareness goes up, and my spasms gradually increase a bit (though they're really mild and not a bother compared to when I didn't take any klons).

    I might try cutting my pills in half and taking them 4x a day instead of twice a day to see if that licks it, so maybe I won't be so tired, and maybe the best results will last longer.
  13. butterfly83

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    llama - Don't worry. I know what panic disorders are like. :) Terrifying really. I know I do sometimes have a morbid fear of sleep that goes back to my childhood seizures. They would happen in the middle of the night so.. now, when I'm feeling anxious because of my FMS symptoms already, and symptoms start being similar to certain things i felt when I was younger.. yeah i could say that there are nights when I really am scared to fall asleep.

    Luckily my doctor is understanding of this and the relation between pain and anxiety disorders so he's willing to help. I have an appointment at the end of the month so i am hoping to increase the Klonopin dose i am on (just the .5 at night) to something during the day too, to see if there is any benefit.
  14. Mikie

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    I eventually had to increase it to 1 mgs. and I've stayed at that dose for quite a while. If I feel it isn't working as well, I will wean down to .75 and then go back to the 1 mgs.

    I used to cut up tablets and put 1/4 of a tablet under my tongue during the daytime for sensory overload, racing brain, and anxiety/panic attacks. Both the doc and pharmacist OK'ed this method. It's very effecting and acts quickly. I seldom ever have to take the Klonopin during the daytime any more.

    The longer one takes the Klonopin, the better it seems to work. Either that, or I am getting better. Dr. Cheney says that when one is better and no longer needs the Klonopin, it is easy to wean off. I hope he's right.

    Love, Mikie
  15. im in the uk,and im wondering,is klonopin an american medication?

    ive been reading your messages,and im wondering how would i be able to find out if this medication is available over here in the uk?

    kind regards
  16. mezombie

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    I generally take 1mg at bedtime. Lately I've needed a bit more, so now I add .5 mg when I turn out the lights. I take it with 20 mg of Doxepin (brand name: Sinequan), and the two work well together. I get a good night's sleep.

    I also have tremendous sensory overload problems. When I start to feel dizzy, nauseated, headachy and unable to think, I take a quarter of a tablet (.25 mg) during the day, as needed.

    If you're taking it during the daytime and you feel too groggy, you might be taking too much. Gothbubbles, I think your idea of splitting the doses is a good one. As your body adjusts to the med, you can gradually add more as needed.

    Hope this helps!

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  17. mezombie

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    Klonopin is the brand name of the drug Clonazepam. I don't know whether it's available abroad, but maybe the name of the generic will help you find out.
  18. lavender14

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    I too take Klonopin, I take 1mg at bedtime w/ 50mg of doxopin. I sleep pretty good usually. i tried going down to .5mg at bedtime, and a few weeks later had anxiety attacks so much I went to a psychologist. I went back over the past few weeks and realized it might be the klonopin reduction . so i went back up to 1mg. And no more anxiety attacks.

    I also take it for restless legs, and it helps with that well.

  19. fifthofanickel

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    for sleep. I take 4mg. twice a week & I usually get about 5hrs. of good sleep..This was a built up dose from 1mg.daily..After a few trials & errors this is about all I can take. If I take more than that, I have no effect from the clonazepam after a few days. It doesn't relieve the fm/cfs symptoms however...

    The other nites I toss & turn from the pressure of lying on one side or my back. I do use a feather topper & it does help in that I'm not quite as stiff in the mornings now. I'm always sleep deprived..I've tried anti-depressants, tranquilizers, anti-spasmotics, anti-histimines, just about everything to no avail..

    I guess everyone is different & one has to find the one & the am't that works for you..Hated puting my body & my brain thru all of that, but I was (and still am) desperate for "good" sleep. I don't have sleep apnea, so don't feel I need a sleep study done. Can't take magnesium as I have IBS & diverticulitis & that makes me go, go go.

    So hope your search finds you something to give you relief. It's a trial & error thing...