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    Hello all:

    There is much talk about Klonopin here. The medical information says it is used for 'panic disorder and seizures'.

    I will admit it. I have both. Maybe i have not been totally honest here because i feel 'ashamed' of having panic disorder. I always want to hide it for some reason.

    And I understand that it helps other disorders, too.
    Mine are from the 'book' use of them, but honestly I think it should be expanded to other uses.

    Klonopin to me is a 'miracle' drug because I believe it can help many people. I hope that someday they will expand the uses for it.

    You know what happened. I had a sleep study and one of the result came back as:

    'nightime seizures controlled by Klonopin'.

    Hmmm...nightime seizures. I wonder what goes on in my sleep.


  2. Mikie

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    Our illnesses can cause us to live in a slight state of seizure which will not allow us to slip into the slight state of coma which is sleep. Symptoms of this slight seizure state include racing brain, anxiety/panic attacks, sensory overload, muscle spasms and tics, tinnitus, and enhanced pain signals.

    Klonopin has been such a God send for me. I don't think when it's prescribed for us it's an off-label use of it. If Cheney is right, we do suffer from a mild form of seizures. I hope he is right because he believes the Klonopin saves our neurons from premature death. Seizure activity cannot be good for the brain.

    Love, Mikie

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