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    I'm thinking of taking klonopon. But i wasn't sure if it was okay to take it with an AD.
    Can anyone help?

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    whats an AD?

    if you mean antidpressant yes you can take them together. lots of people here are on both.

    ask your pharmacist thier the best for drug info not doctors.

    good luck
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    Thank you for replying.. AD..yes, anti-depressent. My husband was prescribed the klonopon. He doesn't take any of the meds he is prescribed. They are all for PTSD, which he going thru for calim on PTSD. These drugs are prescribed from VA. He is Nam vet. I get my scripts also from VA as I was in Army in '74. My hubby is the most well adjusted person, so he does not use klonopon, and the others given to him. I hoped that I might use some of the klonopon to ease some of my anxiety atacks.
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    first off happy vets day. I remember nam well. hope your hubby gets his very deserved benefits.

    Be careful taking other persons meds. do you have fibro? are your attacks from this?

    becareful with benzo type drugs(klonopon valium clonezapam).

  5. lynn3811

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    Yes, I have fibro , ibs, myo fascial pain, high blood pressure, am taking hrt, cholestral, lyrica, anti-drepressent, and a few others i cannot for the life of me remember. I thought of taking the klonopon in a very little dose, and only when i feel i need it. I'm on so many other drugs, i really don't want to add another to the pile. I'm aware of using someones elses meds. I have a very addictive personality, so i've always got to be careful. Thanks again for your reply.

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    I have taken Klonopin with antidepressants b4 but you must talk to your doctor and it is a very good idea that you double check this with a pharmacist

    Pharmacist know more than doctors about drug interactions
  7. You should try to just talk to your doctor, and see about YOUR DOCTOR, putting you on your own prescription for klonopin (generic = clonazepam)... if you were to be in an emergency situation, and the ER draws blood, they will check for drugs, alcohol, and even some levels of the medications you are prescribed, to see if the levels are where they should be...

    The last thing you ever want, is to show up positive on an unexpected blood test, or urinalysis, for BENZODIAZEPINES (klonopin, ativan, xanax, valium-type medications) when you do not have a prescription for them...

    Just something to think about, especially, since you yourself are an admitted 'addictive personality' or have/have had in the past, addictive behaviors.

    We've all had terrible issues, and or allegations, or been treated like dog poo, for NO reasons at all, and some of us, had our reputations ruined by doctors, some ER, some other doctors, who've seen us ONE TIME, but, what doctors write in your records, follows you forever.... even like me, in the case where SYSTEMIC YEAST- caused a *"trace"* amount of ALCOHOL to show up in my bloodstream, yet the ER doctor did not ask me any questions that could've helped explain that (a nurse told me MANY reasons that could cause trace amount of alcohol to show in blood test).... but, that ER doctor sure did make sure he sent a copy of his report, insinuated I'd come in there intoxicated, or 'seemingly', and extremely combative, etc... which has caused a huge rift with my pain clinic NP, even though, I take no pain medications, doesn't matter, I'm on a LOT of other medications, and, it's just the loss of trust, and MY loss of dignity, and sense of pride, that are gone forever, thanks to ONE humongous JACKA##.

    I'd just talk to the VA doc, and try getting your own script, as I said above, if for no other reason, that what I just pointed out, if ever u were in an emergency situation- using your husband's prescribed medication, could cause BOTH of you a whole lot of trouble, that just isn't worth it.

    The VA is usually pretty generous with anti-depressants, as well as anti-anxiety meds, for that reason, the large amount of PTSD, anxiety, panic, trouble sleeping.... as well as certain illnesses, or past injuries that can cause certain muscle issues.

    in high doses it's also used with other meds, to help control seizures, (though rarely, since it takes a MUCH higher dose than people take for anxiety, muscle twitching/jerking (myoclonus), sleep problems, etc)... and also to treat nerve pain, but, again, for those issues, it's as an 'add-on' medication, with others..

    Talk to your doc, please... if your husband got a prescription, that means he MUST need it, or have indicated to the doctor that he did need it... sure wish he WOULD try it, at least... it is one of very few drugs I'd ever say that about, but, it truly can help some people, and some take an extremely small amount, for years, and it helps them sleep... but, that's totally your husband's business... also, if he's filing his claim for PTSD, he should try the medications rx'd to him for PTSD.. but.. that's men.

    Please do see about your own script, to protect yourself from any kind of trouble that might arise from trying someone elses.

    Best Wishes,

    Laura (a former combatmedic 99-01' NG), disabled since Aug 2000, discharged 2-02-01, no VA benefits here... told I should file, but, no idea HOW to even begin, where to start, who to contact here in this podunk town. :-(
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    I would stay far away from klonopin. I took it after my rheumy prescribed it for sleep/anxiety. I took only .5mg, half of what he prescribed, ONCE a day at bed for only two and a half weeks before I heard how addictive it was. I quit it immediately and actually had withdrawals. After not even three weeks of being on it. I thought CFS/fibro was bad!! I have never been in that much pain, I had no idea what i was going through was withdrawals until my acupuncturist informed me and my primary confirmed that more than likely that's what it was. Whew.... SO GLAD I read about it and got off of it early...
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    Its the only thing I found that will work for sleep at night, I have tried everything else, all the normal meds. I take 5mg at bed time, along with a muscle relaxer, most of the time it works.

    Lots of Luck
  10. Five milligrams is quite a dose, though, not unheard of... I have a friend in his mid 60's, who has MS, COPD, panic/anxiety, tons of other issues, as well as every single time he does his Avonex shot (IM once a week, for MS), he is up all night, jittery, and always runs a pretty high fever (and he's been on it for years... personally, I'd stop it, period! but, I think he'd tried one or two of the others for RRMS, and is 'stuck' on Avonex)

    Anyways.... he is one the person I know of, that is on 4-5 mgs of clonazepam (Klonopin) a day, and certainly not in one dose, at bed.... (and of course, I'm totally aware, that I don't know even CLOSE to the entire 'population' of people who take clonazepam, LOL).

    I've been on 2 mgs, for 6 yrs now, for severe myoclonus, I take .5mg in the morning, and 1.5mgs at night... Unless I go on medications that aggrevate my intention tremors, & myoclonic jerking, that dose has done well by me, throughout the 6 yrs...

    (I'm also on baclofen, for spasticity in my legs, spasms throughout, etc, and in conjunction with anti-convulsants, for Trigeminal Neuralgia)

    Being on the baclofen & clonazepam both, I find it so baffling, not to mention extremely frustrating, as to how I still get terrible spasms in my feet in bed at night, and get them in my neck, back, throat, tongue, etc..

    Anyways, I was just wondering, if you did mean 5 mgs at bedtime, along with a muscle relaxer- Most docs, regardless of what it's prescribed for, will usually split that 'high' a dosage up, even if it's " take this much a couple of hrs before bed, and then this much AT bed"

    With a muscle relaxer on top of that, yikes...

    I know my last holter monitor, showed my heart rate over 24hrs, fluctuated wildly- from 39bpm for SIX HRS (sleeping), to 139, at different times... I'm on 50mgs of atenolol for palpitations, and tachycardia... and yet, still have bouts of tachycardia, palpitations (skip beats, double beats, and bunch of other cardiac mumbo jumbo)...

    I've woken up at night numerous times, on various med combo's... and 'felt' like, I had STOPPED BREATHING, which woke me up.. I know that sounds odd, but, it's the only way to describe it... absolutely terrifying feeling. Instinct, of course, was to quickly take a huge breath- but, all that happened was a very slowwww breath... almost like trying to breath with emphysema, or something..

    I've always said, if the illnesses don't kill me, either my doctors will, or the medications themselves... but, what can we do?

    I take the max recommended dosage of oral baclofen, (80mgs) but my neuro says we could go higher if needed (I chose NOT, lol), but, I take 2 10mg pills, four times a day...

    right now, at bed, I take:

    20mgs Baclofen, 12.5mgs atenolol, 100mgs Lamictal, 1.5mgs of clonazepam, and melatonin, anywhere from 1.25mgs, to 2.5mgs throughout the night, when I wake up repeatedly...

    the whole bradycardia (low heart rate) at night last yrs monitor showed does concern me... but, so does NOT SLEEPING, for many days at a time... (Ultram ER 200mgs, along with Lamictal for some odd reason, are causing me SERIOUS insomnia, so, I can't even take the Ultram every day)...

    I'm too scared to take the trazadone along with everything else I take at night...

    my first holter monitor, 6yrs ago, had shown fluctuations of 69bpm to an average 'resting' heart rate of 126bpm, with it spiking up to 169 bpm when I fell on our deck, thanks to a very thin sheet of ice, that made the deck just appear slightly WET...

    anyhow, I hope it's not 5mgs at bed, with a relaxer too, but,

    I also do understand, that we all have such different tolerance levels to medications too... so, I don't want you to think this post is judgemental, or lecture- ish... It's certainly not meant to be, just curious/concerned.

    I'm one who has a very high tolerance to quite a few medications. I'm always stumped for people who can be knocked out with 'tiny' doses of medications, (like having to CUT a *starting dose* in half, due to side effects...), just as those people are amazed, and can't fathom other people's 'high' tolerances...

    amazing how not a single part of our bodies, or a single system can't just be LEFT ALONE by these DD's!

    Take care,

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    Yes you can take Klonapin with anti-depressants. I read somewhere on here or some other forum that in support group survey - Klonapin was the one med that helped most Fibro patients overall. I thought that was interesting.

    I was only recently prescribed it (Sept) .5 mgs. I had to split in half at first if I took during the day or it would knock me out. Now, dang it I can't even tell I've taken it. I have this 'thing' about medications. I take Soma -can't even tell. It's very frustrating! It does help me sleep most of the time if I take the whole thing.

    I wholeheartedly agree with trying to get your own prescription. It will benefit you in the long run.


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    I take an ad during the day. At night i take 1 mg of klonopin and valuim. I ask him if we could increase some nights that i hurt he said no . This is a pain clinic he said he had one lady they thought she had alzheimers and this is when he started many years ago. he had upped her dose over a length of time. she never got that memory back. now that her dose is down she remember things a lot clearer. doesnt remember when her dose was way up there.
    so there side affects.
    of even supplements.
    be careful if i did not have to take anything i would not.
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    I'm sorry I forget the . when I put in the mgs of Klonopin. I take 0.5 mgs of Klonopin at night. Sorry about that, You know how the memory is with Fibro and CFS, and all the other things I am coping with. I am also new on the board, just found it not long ago, I am so glad I did.

  14. I *thought* you'd meant .5mgs, not *5*mgs, but, not just for my own sake, but, the sake of others on this board , wanted to clarify.

    Especially when we've got people like Lynn, (there've been others, in the past, there are some in the present, i'm sure, and they'll be people in the future) who, "share" meds with their spouses, or even parents, siblings, etc who are ill also...

    Without their own scripts, they would be in charge of their 'dose', and I wouldn't want them to use this board (ever, under any circumstance,) to decide, or 'gauge' what dosage they should try, or how much they could safely take..

    Glad to clear it up, like I said, 5mgs isn't *unheard* of... but, I've only known one person, from the 3 boards/chatrooms I've belonged to, on that dose, and it's certainly not in one dose, at bedtime, with a muscle relaxer! LOL... and of course, it was years and years, and years, before he went to that dosage,

    Most doctors don't feel comfortable with even the 2mgs I'm on, though, at one point in time, briefly, I was told to take more, next doctor, 'take more', week later, stupid ER doc, 'eat more klonopin' (literally his words!!!) when I'd been ORDERED to go there, ASAP, by my general surgeon!

    So, I was very very briefly on 3.5mgs, then down to 3mgs,... then I flat out got fed up with doctors, sickness, etc all together, and tried to wean myself OFF it, since I'd been on it since 2 yrs after I got ill, I wanted to stop as many things as I could, to try & see if any of those were contributing to this fatigue that just could not get any worse lately!

    Long story short- and, I weaned, w/o doctors consent, but, went by what others had been told by THEIR doctors, and also researched it, I went down by .5 mgs every 2-3 wks, at first, that was too fast, so I went down .5 mgs a month....

    I was 'fine' I *thought*, days 1-10... THEN, days 11-21... were HORRIBLE. I was a jerking, twitching, rapidly speaking, but making no sense, speech slurring, and literally sometimes, I'd say a word... and my brain would 'stick' and drag that word out forever... I looked, and FELT absolutely INSANE... and one night in particular, was screaming & crying with my entire body going nuts in spasm. My husband was at the foot of the bed, praying, and holding my toes flat, with both hands... even though the toes 'looked' fine, I kept telling him they *felt* like they were spasming so hard they were nearly bent backwards!

    NOT an easy drug to get off of, for sure... but, yes, it is also one that many CFS/fibro, MS docs feel is also a very helpful/necessary one, for many patients, to help the brain/sleep at night, (though, for that particular use only, I hear the recommended dose is as low as .25mgs - 0.5mgs).

    Without it, for me... I jerk & twitch, flop, etc, terribly. My PCP suspects seizures, but, my neuro, who has ordered 3 eeg's in the past... has always had me on not just clonazepam, but one, two, & even THREE other anti-convulsant type of medications/muscle relaxers, etc..

    So, who knows. I just know that thanks to AD's, I jerk & twitch so badly now without the clonazepam, that I've injured myself, hubby, & almost busted the bedroom window, with the universal remote... among other awful things..

    I don't even know if Lynn's even checked this thread anymore yet, ????

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    I was having a racing heart while on Effexor XR and never related the two

    Had a pulse oxy monitor on at night and heart rate was going from 59 to like 130 during the night

    A heart doctor finally concluded that the fast heart was from the Effexor

    I went off of it (not fun) and feel better - no racing heart. (knock on wood)

    And yes, I did feel like I would stop breathing at night