Klutzo: a question please?

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    I read your post reagading DR. Wilsons book.
    Can you tell my what side effects he is refering to regarding women on DHEA. I am talking 50mg @day as @ my doctor.
    I don't feel good (but when do I ever) and I just wanted to find out more about this.
    Thank you,
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    I had a serious relationship in college with a guy named Ziggy! Hadn't thought about him in a long time....
    I believe that Dr. Wilson is referring to acne and facial hair, if I remember correctly.
    I just read at Dr. Lichten's site that 25 mgs. twice a day is the correct dose of DHEA. If I take even 30 mgs. I start to shake. We are all different. If it's helping, don't worry. You can always stop or lower the dose if you develop problems. I think there are a couple of folks here taking 7-Keto DHEA, which I belive, does not cause the side-effects. You might do a web search on it to see if I'm right about that (can't always remember).
    One thing I do feel is that anyone taking hormones should be regularly monitored by a doctor. Do not experiment with homrones by yourself. Anyone taking DHEA should have a base level of saliva and or blood done first. Some of us may not need it, and while too much of it protects men against heart disease, it makes womens' risks higher.
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    Hi Klutzo,
    Thanks for your info.
    My doctor tested me for DHEA (blood test) and it was 34 when he said it should be about 150. He also said he had about 300 patients that were taking it and it "worked".
    He said that when it is too low you set yourself up for cancer tumors and other illnesses & symptoms which I can't remember any more!
    He gave me a prescription that was filled by a compounding pharmacy.
    I am sure he will test the level again in 2 months. So all is well :)
    Take Care,