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    Klutzo, how do you take the calcium citrate and the enzymes?

    Before the meal or after? This is something I have not tried for the acid reflux.

    Also can I get calcium citrate in a powdered form? If so, do you know a brand name?

    I though the magnesium citrate was for acid reflux, guess I got that one wrong (I am so magnesium orientated!).

    I just bought the wrong thing last week, I though I got calcium citrate, but its calcium Gluconate and magnesium citrate, another $12.00 down the drain ):

    Thanks lady, you are a gem.............

    Shalom, Shirl
  2. Shirl

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    Shalom, Shirl
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    I take my calcium citrate and my enzymes at the start of my meals. That way you've got some calcium starting to coat your tummy early on, and you may absorb some of the enzymes into your bloodstream to help with inflammation before they start doing their job to help digest your food. The enzymes are usually needed to get GERD under control. Calcium alone won't do it except in very mild cases. Enzymes can be taken in-between meals to lower inflammation and help remove fibrin from artery walls, but I keep forgetting to take them, so I just take them at the start of my meal instead of the end. Yes, I know the instructions on the bottle always say to take it at the end of the meal, but if they are safe to take inbetween meals, then why not at the start of a meal?
    In the end, I don't think it makes much difference as long as they are in the stomach at the same time as your food, and food typically stays there for about 1 1/2 hrs., so I don't think the exact timing is a big deal.
    Hope it helps,

    P.S. Forgot to tell you that I get my CA citrate as a powder in a clear capsule made by Nutraceutical Sciences Institute (NSI), which is the company that makes most of the supps. I take. Vitacost sells them.
    I am getting my Magnesium here at ProHealth, but it is a hard tablet, so I wonder how much I'm absorbing. I like to support this site, but may have to look for an NSI alternative,so I can get powder.
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    You are talking about Probotics right? I have two brands,

    'Jarro-Dophilus' (capsules) and 'Natural Acidophilus Culture' (liquid) by Continental company.

    Which one do you think is the best?

    I will order the Calcium Citrate today.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. It takes my stomach at least four to six hours to digest any kind of meal, I know I keep repeating it!
  5. klutzo

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    Probiotics are great, and I use the NSI brand.
    Digestive enzymes are entirely different. If you eat all raw foods, you don't need them, since Mother Nature made her foods with the enzymes to digest them built right in! Cooking, even lightly, destroys them, and then your body has to expend precious energy to make the enzymes itself. Not only does this take a lot of energy you could use for other things, but as we get older, we produce less enzymes, and for many of us this becomes a serious problem. Since reflux is the result of not being able to adequately digest your food due to too little acid and not enough enzymes ,and is not the result of too much acid as most docs say, then the solution is to give your body the ezymes it no longer makes in large enough amts. In a small number of people, this is not enough, and those folks also need a supplement of hydrochloric acid at meals.
    While Probiotics have names like acidopholous, bifidus, bulgaricus, etc., enzymes have names like Lipase, Protease, Maltase, Lactase, etc. according to what substance they help you digest. For example, Protease helps you digest proteins, Lipase helps digest fats (your cholesterol is called your Lipid profile for that reason), and Lactase helps digest milk sugars. There are many more than just those three. Three enzymes have proven esp. helpful in relieving inflammation, so if you also have arthritis, look for an enzyme supplement that has Papain, Bromelain and Pancreatin in it, or two out of the three. Do not use Bromelain if you are one of the small group of people whose mouths burn when you eat pineapple, as you may be allergic to it.
    When it comes to Probiotics or enzymes, once again, I favor the NSI brand. However, if you can afford the Metagenics brand, and have an alt. practitioner to help you order it, it is by far the best.
    I hope this explains it, but if not, ask again!
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    I am printing it out and will have it for 'lunch'!

    Will see what I can find, gee all this time I though the Probotics were enough.

    Will take your explanation to the healthfood store, we have one out here that the lady who owns it is very knowledgeable. She will sell me the right stuff.

    Thank you DEAR lady, I have been going in the wrong direction, again!

    Will let you know, husband should be home in another week, so won't get there till then.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I sure hope that typo in your post is not some sort of premonition!!!!
    In hopes of still being around for awhile.... :)
  8. Hi Shirl,

    I suspect your inital post refers to some sort of previous post(s), but I can't see them.

    I have a lot of stomach problems, which all seem to be in the 'upper' area, ie between your ribs, just below the diaphram. These include fullness; burping excessively after food; a sort of vague, mild soreness; burning feeling; "unsettled" feeling and "gurgling"; and occasionally a feeling which verges on feeling like nausea, but not quite. The symptoms seem to vary from day to day, but symptoms of some sort are almost always present.

    I was just wondering if the symptoms you are trying to treat are similar to what I've described and whether the enzymes and calcium citrate might help me if you have similar symptoms and have found it helpful.


  9. Shirl

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    I am sooooooooo sorry about that one! Wow, I am redfaced here.

    If it was a premo.. it would have been for me not you..

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Yes, you pretty much described what I deal with everytime I eat.

    I had gotten some relief from this with the Suzanne Sumer's books on Sumersizing, BUT I am thin (120lbs, 5'5"), and can't afford to eat this way all the time.

    I did stop eating anything with while flour, it will cause that bloated, gassy, heavy in the chest, gurgling feeling you described so well.

    White flour really will do a number on my digestion.

    Whenever I eat, I feel awful, in fact I feel better hungry than full.

    I will also get that Acid Reflux, when you burp and it taste like acid and burns your throat. I guess you would call it a bile taste.
    I sleep with a bunch of pillows as I can't sleep flat, the acid will come up in my throat and actually choke me.

    That is exactly what I am trying to treat with the enzymes and calcium citrate.

    It will be a week before I can get started. Its a 100 degrees here and I will not go drive anywhere in this weather alone! My husband will be home next week, so will wait to get what Klutzo recommended.

    The subject started on another post, just type Klutzo in the 'Search Messages' box, and see which one it was. I really can't remember right now (fibro fog). If I remember I will bump it up for you.

    Hope you get some relief soon, this is a terrible way to live.

    Shalom, Shirl

  11. Hi Shirl,

    Thanks for your reply and I'm sorry to hear your symptoms are so bad.

    It provides some peace of mind to hear that other people have very similar symptoms and releives some of the inevitable worry about waht the actual cause of symptoms might be and that I might be the only one experiencing them. I might check out the book you referenced.

    I too have tried to cut out white flour inc breads, pasta, noodles etc. It seemed to help a little for me, but didn't get rid of problems as such. I have been trying a remedy called Heartburn Free (just type it into google with quotes" around it to find it) to try and help my symptoms. I am halfway through the 20 day course - haven't noticed any great difference so far, but if it does help, I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the info on the previous posts - I'll search as you've suggested. I hope you get relief from your symptoms soon and best of luck with the enzymes and cc.

    All the best,

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    Shalom, Shirl