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    You answered me awhile back when I mentioned I was taking Precivid 30mgs. & Pep A 20mgs. My husbands friend takes Prime PH drops to Alkanine his blood, he said it really works, so I have been trying it too. But you said to take Calcium Citrate & Enzymes. I have never heard of this the Calcium anyway.
    Does the Calcium make you constipated?
    What enzymes do you take? Are they sugar-free?
    Is the Calcium C. in pill form? Should I keep trying the PH drops & then also the Calcium & Enzymes? Then should I keep taking my Previcid?

    Also I take Elivil 25mg at night & during the day Paxil 30 mg for my FM. Also get Massages. Do you take Pro Energy? I have quite a time taking medicines & Vites. Do you take Magnesium which is better the Citrate, Oxide etc.

    I sure could use some more help. Thank you......

    Take care, Deb

  2. klutzo

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    Since I am not an M.D., I am not going to tell you to stop taking your medicines. I would suggest you go to the Library here and read Dr. Paul Cheney's article on Klonopin though. It might make you reconsider the Paxil.

    Calcium citrate comes in powder inside capsules. It has never constipated me, but I have never had that problem anyway. I take Magnesium glycinate. Oxide is the form you should avoid as it causes diarreha. Any other form is OK.

    I use the digestive enzymes by Nutraceutical Sciences Institute. Enzymes are fairly simple things and most brands are good. Try the ProHealth store here. They probably have them.

    I do not know about PH drops. I do know your body keeps a very tight rein on your PH without any help, and unless yoru diet is truly horrible, you should not have a problem there. I would prefer to eat more salads, and other raw, fresh fruits and veggies, rather than take drops. If they are helping you though, I guess they are fine to take.

    I take a great many supplements, but Pro Energy is not one of them. We all need different things. If someone asked me what do I consider absolutely essential for Fibro, I would say: Magnesium, Digestive enzymes, and B complex.

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    The only question I can answer here that Klutzo did not cover is the Pro Energy.

    I have been taking Pro Energy from Pro Health now for over two years. It is easy on the stomach, I have no problem whatsoever with it.

    I take one before breakfast and one before lunch with a glass of water on an empty stomach (you can take them with food if you want).

    The reason I don't take more is because I also take ZMA (also from Pro Health) at nighttime, it also does not give me problems with my stomach.

    You mentioned B vitamins, I also take Pro Health's 'Ultra B-Complex', it is the only B vitamins that do not cause me digestive problems.

    Hope this helps..................

    Shalom, Shirl