Klutzo and anyone if interested, DHEA now at 400

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    Hi Klutzo,
    Continuing our chat about DHEA and tolerance to taking it-just got back my blood work. From 5/15 at 34 ug/dl (whatever that means) to 400 on 7/9! I have not received my doctors comments regarding this new reading yet. But I am still taking 50mgs. The range should be from 32to 240 according to this lab.
    I do wonder though how accurate this reading was since I took the DHEA at 8:30am and the blood waas drawn at 10:45. The DHEA I take is supposed to be time released but...
    So I'll be asking my doc. about it.
    I don't think I notice any difference, energy wise, but then again it could be so gradual I'm missing it.
    I look back and realize taht now when I try to vacume or some other chore in the morning I don't feel like I going to throw-up or pass out :)
    I can usually finish the chore with a short break. Of course that about does it for my heavy physical exertion for the day ;-) But still, I think I do notice little differences if I would take the time to think about it.
    Ziggy PS Were you taking sublinguil <SP?!> DHEA? If not what/where did you get it? (Mine isn't)`
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    Those are fast results. Maybe you can cut back now, since you don't want it to be too high. Le me know please if your doctor says this is too high. Mine does not seem overly concerned by my high blood level, but I read that if it's too high it increases heart attack risk in females.
    My blood DHEA baseline was too high at 560, but my DHEA-s level was borderline low at 3, and that is why I'm taking it. I take capsules with powder in them, which I carefully pull apart so I only take 1/4 capsule per day (2.5 mgs.).
    I still don't understand how my saliva level could be so low when my blood level is so high.
    Maybe it takes awhile for results to be maximized. Keep us posted!