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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by xo4damama, Dec 12, 2002.

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  3. catgal

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    I get that feeling of severe chills down to the bone and cannot, cannot get warm. Only this doesn't just happen at night. And then the next thing I know--sweat is pouring off of me, and I have to go outside to cool off--feels as though I'm burning up inside. Sometimes, I can feel chilled for a week at a time--like this week.

    And it is so exhausting on my body because when I feel chilled like that my whole body gets rigid and stiff. Then when I thaw out--my whole body is extremely sore, worn out, and weak.

    I researched it some years ago, and the information said that FM messes with your internal body temperature regulation thermostat. Somehow throws it out of balance and doesn't get the right body signals. Other than that--I don't know why this happens. Carol...
  4. carmi1

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    I get the exact same thing! I'll wake up with shaking chills which will last for hours, followed by gradually by being way too hot. I found the best thing to do is to get up, pile on the heavy robe, socks and slippers, have some hot decaf and a small amount of carbohydrate. It seems like that will make warmer very quickly. If I lay there and suffer with it, it will go on and on. I also feel as if I had the flu the next day - stiff and sore all over.

    I think what is happening is that it is a faulty carbohydrate metabolism. When I run too low on available carbs, instead of converting other substances (i.e., fat, etc.)to sugar, the body quits and goes into a starvation mode (chilling to produce heat). This is just my theory but I have researched it extensively on the net and have not found any other references. I usually wake very warm.

    I have a book on Fibromyalgia and they did refer to a faulty carbohydrate metabolism.

  5. LisaMay

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    I really think it has to do with the weather. I seem to be cold all day to the point of shaking too. It takes forever to get warm and when I do, I'm dripping with sweat. I feel like maybe my hormones are playing games with me, like the opposite of hot flashes, we get cold flashes. Whatever it is, I wish it would stop. I keep telling my hubby that we are going to have to move to a tropical island where the sun is always shining, temps are 80 degrees with no humidity. Does anyone know of such a place? LOL

    I think warm thoughts for you. Lisa
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    Yes, I have had this happen at night, with no explanation. I feel like I'm freezing, and shake like a leaf. Even wrapping up under the blankets doesn't help.I usually have to get up and have a cup of tea to get warm.
  7. KayLyn

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    I begin having chills really, really bad after I had my C-section...I shake so hard...I had never experienced that before, but then I begin to notice that it was happening at least once a week...I feel so, so cold...even though if you touch me, I am not...since I have MS I just assumed that it was from that...so I was suprised to see your post...at least I know I am not crazy...I am sorry that you are going through this though...but just know...I will have an extra blank on tonight...so you are not alone...Hugs...K
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    and bingo next thing you know after freezing for hors you'll be sweating.... hot... it happens to me on a daily basis.... I went to a party this christmas and never took off my coat I was so cold... everyone else was fine! ..... good luck!
  9. xo4damama

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    That is interesting. Mine started right after my first C-section too. I honestly think that I pulled some of my internal stitches, since I hurt for months in one section. I have promised myself that if I have more children I will stay in the hospital an extra day. Just in case it happens again, I want them to SEE it!

    Wonder if there is a connection??
  10. KayLyn

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    I guess that I usually assume that things that go wrong with me are due to my MS...but next time I go to the doctor I will ask if there could be a connection between a trama like a c-section and Fibro...I was shocked when you posted you had the exact same experience...let me know if you improve...Hugs...KayLyn
  11. klutzo

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    I was told by my Rheumy that this problem is due to dysautonomia, ie. faulty regulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS is responsible for regulation of temperature and blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, peristalsis of the bowel, and everything else you take for granted. In fibro, this regulation becomes more lax, and we have wider swings and extremes than normals in all these areas. I do not run a fever at all when this happens, as would be expected with infection. An infection bad enough to cause these symptoms would have you feverish all the time, I believe. See Dr. Yue's article in the library here on Dysautonomia with Denervation of Organs for an excellent explanation of how this could account for all FMS symptoms.
    I have the exact thing you describe, but I usually have the hots first, and throw off the covers. I am wide awake and alert for a couple of hours (which is why I am typing this right now at 5 am!). Soon, the chills will start and I'll get back to sleep again, after piling on covers and pulling them over my head. Many trips to the bathroom accompany the chilly part of this experience. It's like I have a gallon of water to get rid of. It does happen more in cold weather, but I've had it happen when it was 90 degs. outside!
    I believe it's Dr. Starlanyl's book which mentions that we have a defect in carb metabolism, but I think she is talking about inability to utilize magnesium in the krebs cycle. I'm not enough of a scientist to know how that relates here. The carb angle is interesting to me, because this has been happening a whole lot more since I went on a low carb diet. I once tried an even stricter diet called the Carb Addicts Diet, and I had chills all day long on that diet so I quit. I also had this same chills with frequent urination reaction the one time I had a glucose tolerance test after getting FMS. They had to help walk me to the lab and give me a blanket and a chair right in front of the bathroom. I was so ill, I could not drive home after the test, and astonished when my results came back normal. I wonder if I (we) are not able to use protein and fat for fuel as efficiently as normals, so we crave carbs to use instead, with sometimes disastrous health results, at least in my case.
    My only advice is do whatever you need to be comfortable.
    In empathy,
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  12. Pat UK

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    in the winter months. I shiver indoors continuously and cannot get warm untill I go to bed, it is very uncomfortable. I thought I was the only one to feel like this.
  13. Mikie

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    Are screwed up. We get too hot; we get too cold. It goes with the territory. For two nights, I have been layering on the tee shirts and flannel jammie bottoms and socks because I could not get warm. Then, suddenly, I'm so hot, I start taking it all off. Crazy.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Spoonerpaws

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    Is this a symptom of CFS or FM?
  15. 1maqt

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    HELLO xo4damama,

    Had this Dd for 28 yrs. I just had the worst chills with the last flare. So cole, then wake up with the sweats. Hear the it is not uncommon with us.

    Even after so many years, I still get new symtoms. I get so exausted that I just lay on the bed and try to consentrate on breathing!!

    There are no magic cures, only your own gut instincts, and don't let anyone tell you it is all in lyour head.... Find a good Dr.
    Hope you feel better, 1maqt
  16. Melanie_Ann

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    Real sensitive to temperature. I can be freezing, shaking cold but my feet are sweating. You can actually temperature differences in various areas of my body. I mean another person can feel them.

    I'm 100% convinced that this is attributed to a defect in the ANS.

  17. qman

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    Your not crazy, I have had them wake me but I do get them and what you describe is very much like them especially in my legs.

    I noticed a message on the board about Pregabalin saying it will not be on the market until March. My doctor is already prescribing it for FMS. You might want to talk to you own MD