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    Wish I could have emailed you on this--because it may not be a problem with all on the board, or maybe it can help someone else too. I have a very sensitive stomach to foods, supplements, and anxiety. The reason I listed the anxiety is that the GI doctor said--"it's not what I'm eating--but what's eating me". Maybe he's right--but maybe not. I've been taking Prevacid daily for many years and it does help with the queasy stomach and acid. This is my problem--ACID. I feel like I have too much acid, not only in my stomach, but in my bowels too. Somedays my stools burn when having a BM. They irritate the anal skin and a hemrrhoid. Klutzo, have you ever heard of a person being so acidic that the urine and fecal matter irritate tender skin? Do you have any suggestions for me? I take a multi-vitamin, vit. E, B-complex, CoQ10, caltrate calcium/mag, and Evening Primrose Oil. I take some prescriptions (no pain killers other than Tylenol occasionally). Calan (calcium channel blocker), Singulair, Pulmicort, Allegra (for asthma and allergies) and Xanax (calms my ANS system down--dr said ANS is very senstive). The queasy stomach is crazy--some days I can eat almost anything and other days I'm on comfort food. I have to cook vegetables and fruits for them to be less acidic and easy on my tummy. Well, I'm up for any suggestions.
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    BTW my profile has my ailments.

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    You poor kid! I know I have that burning feeling whenever I eat or drink anything w/citric acid. So I'd guess that might be a problem for you. I thought I'd read something about possible bowel trouble from too much calcium but can't remember-maybe you can do a search for it. Hope this clears up for you soon! Maybe should let Dr know you are still having these issues too!
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    Hi although not Klutzo---maybe I can help.
    I would suggest getting paper and checking your pH (urine and stool) to see if you actually are acidic. You should check your saliva as well.
    I have systemic acidosis....and my nephrologist has me taking a tablespoon of baking soda a day. There are medicines which have the exact same ingredients but are very costly.
    FM does cause pain in many different places ---so I would check the actuality that you are acidic before implementing any treatment. My doctor gives me pH test strips, but I have checked and they can be purchased many places online.

    Best wishes, LL