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    In a response I just read from you about the alternative doctors..... you said the FM had attacked your brain. How? What are the sypmtoms of it attacking your brain? I have had FM/CFS for about 33 years. More and more I am having trouble with my legs responding to what my brain is telling them to do and I drop things alot, loose my balance and run into corners of walls... anyway, just thought I would ask for how you know it has attacked your brain.

    Thanks, Lonewolf
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    This is Shirl, not Klutzo, I am giving you a 'bump', as I do not think she is here this late. But will probably be on in the morning.

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    I'm not Klutzo either, but I can tell you how I know. I've been bumping into corners, tables, ect., as well as dropping things and knocking things over that I reach for and losing my balance for longer than 33 years. I've had FM all my life and as early as my 20's I started suspecting I had MS. Took until my late 50's to get an MRI to rule it out but by then I knew what I had and that these are also symptoms of FM.

    Within the last 13 years, though, I started saying the wrong words for things (always nouns) without realizing it, not being able to find the word for something (again, always nouns), halting in the middle of a sentence and not being able to start talking again for a few beats - or longer, forgetting what I was saying, sometimes in the middle of the sentence. Sometimes when I want to say something or answer a question, I open my mouth but I can't get started. These problems are getting worse and worse, as is my short-term memory, which has been bad for many years. If I look up a phone number, I have to look back at it at least 3 times while dialing, for instance. I can forget something in the microwave when it's only set on 30 seconds. I don't dare walk away from the stove when I'm cooking, but if I look away. . .

    I've noticed recently that I'll be driving along and suddenly can't remember where I'm going. I'm never lost, I just don't know why I'm out there. My mother, who also had FM all her life, had a scary experience driving in the town where she'd lived for over 50 years - she had no idea where she was, and she was only around the corner from her house. That's when she stopped driving. She developed Alzhiemer's eventually but this was way before she reached any kind of forgetfulness like that.

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    But, in my case, I would add that I cannot even subtract a check in my checkbook without an adding machine anymore,and most upsetting of all, my personality has changed drastically, and not for the better.
    In addition, in the later stages the hypothalamus in the brain is injured, causing glandular problems, which can lead to early menopause, loss of sex drive, adrenal fatigue, and hypothyroidism, just to name a few possibilities. Do a websearch on "Hypothalmic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis" if you want to learn more about this. There is also a good article here in the library at this site about the stages of the illness and what happens in each....I think it's by Paul Cheney, M.D.
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    I am sitting here crying after reading your posts because I realize that I have just about all of the same symptoms that you described. Not sure why I am crying, maybe it is just reality hitting home.... again.... with this disease.

    Thanks for your replys, Lonewolf