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    I've been trying to get my doctor to evaluate my seratonin, dopamine and norA. He said the amount of these chemicals in the blood or urine vary dramatically and even if they're there that doesn't show the levels in your brain where they're needed.

    Is the test you're taking a 24-hr urine and any comments re: brain chemistry vs. what's in your blood.


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    I honestly don't know much about these tests and hadn't heard of them until today. It is one urine sample, taken the second time you pee after you get up, and placed into two small tubes that are then mailed out the same day in regular mail along with a very long detailed medical history that you fill out and send with it. Medicare actually pays for this test, and I was told I was lucky because they are the ony insurer that does,and without insurance it costs $140. There must be some science behind it for Medicare to pay for it, because they sure don't pay for most alternative testing. I just paid $85 for a hair analysis, for example.
    What your doctor says sounds logical, but I guess mine may be looking for gross deficiencies....levels that are below the lowest you would ever expect to see, despite the wide variation your doc mentions....that is just a guess. I will ask him!
    Sorry I could not be of more help.

    P.S. It just occured to me that the website for the company that is doing my test might be of some help to both of us here. I can't give the URL here, but the company name is neuroscienceinc, and the website address is just what you'd expect. I'll go check it out....Just came back from website and don't know any more than I did before, except the programs and tests are based on their research.
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