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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. BethM

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    I am constantly searching for the perfect pillow. Saw a water pillow at a medical supply store, but shied away from the $79 price tag. Is it really worth spending that much? Also, we finally ordered a Select Comfort bed, and I am hoping that will help me enough so I won't need an expensive pillow. We should receive the bed in the next week or so. Expensive, but it'll be good to wake up without back aches and stiffness every morning!
  2. klutzo

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    My pillow was $68, but I got it on sale for $50. That was at least ten yrs. ago. One thing about a water pillow....they don't wear out and go flat like regular ones.
    I have seen water pillows at my drugstore for $20. I looked at one, and it looked exactly the same as my expensive one. You might try the cheaper ones, as I may have paid more for the brand name (back then that's all there was.... water pillows were a brand new thing then).
    Good luck with your new bed.
  3. BethM

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    I will be at our local Sav-0n Drug store on errands today, and will check there to see if they have a water pillow! Ya never know... thanks for the quick reply, and happy labor day today.

  4. Juloo

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    I got it a little over a year ago -- I was at the chiropractor's on my birthday, feeling a little bummed that I was turning 39. Bought the pillow from him for $50. Another patient there who saw me eyeing the display told me that she loved hers, so I treated myself. I really do prefer it over all my other pillows (although I have not tried memory foam). I even drain it to take it on trips.

    The ONLY caveat I can give you -- it can be fairly heavy when it is filled up. So if you have FM and are weak or pained in the arms/shoulders, you need to train yourself to not be tempted to toss it about and drag it suddenly like you would a regular pillow -- ouch!
  5. debbiem31

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    I have done a search and found a water pillow called Mediflow. Is this the one you all are speaking of? It cost $50 on their website. I sure wish I had the extra money, because I think it would be the best pillow ever!
  6. finnigan1229

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    I know that what I use probably isn't what you are looking for but it is called a Chillow Pillow. I is a pillow insert with water inside it and acts as a radiator for the head and neck to keep you from night sweats - it also gives a differant feeling (comfort wise) to your pillow. I got it for $25 on the internet and absolutely love it.
  7. BethM

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    I did a search under "water pillows" and found a couple of sites that sell the medi-flow pillow for #39.95.