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    My gosh!! I did alert miki and then I found your reply suddenly appear but it was under LW'profile. I was checking her stuff to see if she'd read my reply to her and answered . I posted also that the only way I see what I have posted to check for reply's is to look myself up on search due because it stopped apearing under my profile.
    The info you gave me was very valuable. And not because your experience alone did I decide against the guifenisin. Did that come out right? I kinda already had made up my mind. My doctor wanted me to do the neurotoxin test and thanks to you (again) one day I used message search to look under message board and your clues helped me find that web site I had turned my house upside down and lost contact (temporarily) with that doctor. The story is really I'm embarrassed because I saw him jan 24! He instructed me to do the eyetest fill out some papers and get bloodwork done that HE was going to do for me free of charge because I was in bettween insurance and he just calls me at home after I have the group page him. Great HUH. Well I fell out of pocket due to some really stressful circumstance and I did'nt follow thru. Had to do with divorce, moving , having to sell my mothers house which I was living in (suddenly) having no computer. Car broke down had to buy another one and trying to find a decent apt. in my all too low monthly income (ssd). OUCH! I had put my health off and my generous doctor! Now 35 pds heavier in much worst shape! I did call him but he doesn't call back and my primary doctor well lets just say he and his HMO guidelines just don't know beans! GOODNESS is this better than your soaps? I haven't told you the best of it, I'll spare you. Anyway to deal with my delema.. I've written him a letter to drop at his office so that he can see that I am very serious about getting well. I'm real curious to what he has in mind. I've taken the last couple months to investigate all new therapies or some I'd never heard of anyway thu you guys and the information highway. And someone posted today for neurotoxin therapy she's on Questran. So I beleive that is probably what he has in mind for me.Oh by the way my eye test was positive. I'm just kinda skeptical. Look under mabear and my reply to her discovery to the vision web site. My right eye is legally blind and my computer is old an aquaintance just gave it to me!
    This is a really mumbled response and my fog is rolling in so hope you can see thru your to decifer!!!
    Thanks again
    Karen (kjan9)

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    I realized today it was ackeybrackey's post that led me to the neurotoxin page. I can tell by re-reading this message I was pretty fibrofagged out! MY grandmother bless her, used to use the words fagged out when she was tired pretty funny huh. I get a little frustrated here sometimes. I spend a lot of time responding but rarely get any feed back to what I'd written to folks. So I'm sorry I took so long to Thank you for all your gui infor even if some of it was
    message board prob. Its time consuming to check for responses also. No one ever chats an cfs chat anymore?
    Hope to hear from you