Klutzo -- what is GERD?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Jan 31, 2003.

  1. RedB

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    In a previous post about fish oils (which I just started taking) you mentioned being careful with oils if you have GERD. Can someone tell me what that is?

  2. kalynn1

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    GERD is gastrointestinal reflux disease (or something similar to that.) It's when you have acid reflux: your stomach acid backs up into your esophagus (sp?). It causes heartburn and can erode your esophagus and cause ulcers and if left untreated, cancer. I have GERD. I also take fish oil. I would like to know why I have to be careful with this? (Hope you don't mind my reply even though I'm not Klutzo.)
  3. PAT

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    I have GERD, and have been considering taking the fish oil capsules for Fibro. I hope Klutzo answers!
  4. klutzo

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    If you have GERD and are taking fish oil, and you don't know why I said to be careful, then you do not have the problem, because, believe me, you would know!
    Fish oil can cause constant, smelly, painful burping up into the throat. It is supposed to stop if you take it without food, but that did not help me. My GERD had been under control for almost 12 yrs. but within one month of starting fish oil, I was in an ENT's office having a scope put into my nose and down into my throat to find out about possible damage. I was so hoarse I could barely talk. The same thing happened to my hubby, who does not have GERD, so it may just be the particular brand of fish oil we took, except it happened to me with another brand as well. For now, I am using walnuts to raise my omega-3 oils, and eating cold water fish twice weekly, in spite of the warnings about mercury. Everything has risks, and my risk of a heart attack is so high that it eclipses all other concerns for me, including mercury problems. I was taking fish oil primarily to lower my triglycerides, and the high protein/low carb diet I'm on now has done a much better job of lowering them.
    There are quite a few previous posts on this subject, so go to the search bar at the top of the first page and put in "GERD" and/or "fish oil" and you should get plenty of discussion on this topic.
    I'm glad the fish oil is working for you.