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    Hi Karen 09/03/03 10:58 AM

    Welcome to the Board!
    First, I took the advice of the "old-timers" and read Dr. St. Amand's book. I think that is a must, as the protocol is not easy to grasp if your brain is in fibro fog. It is simple once you get used to it, however.
    Second, I printed the list of most common salycilates from the guaidoc website, so I could refer to it when I culled my personal products.
    Third, armed with that list,and the list in the book, I emptied out all my cabinets of drugs, supplements, skin lotions, shampoos and conditioners, razors, cosmetics, hand soaps, bath soaps, etc. and piled it all on the dining room table. Then I read the label on each product, comparing it to the list of salycilates. If it had anything in it that was on the list of salycilates or was questionable, I put it in my "no-no" pile. When I was done, everything in the no-no pile went into a big plastic bag for storage (in case Gaui did no work for me).
    Fourth, armed with the common salycilates list again, I went shopping for new skin and face lotion, new deodorant, new shampoo and conditioner, new toothpaste, and several different versions of my supplements. I also bought extra gardening gloves,so I would always have a dry pair, since I have a big garden and you cannot touch plants while on Guai.
    The next step was to start taking Guai according to the protocol. I started with 300 mgs. twice a day, taken 12 hrs. apart. After a week, I had no worsening of my fibro pain, so I increased it to 600 mgs. twice daily. Some people will tell you to go even slower than that, but I was following the procedure I had copied from either the book or the website or Dr.Starlanyl's website...I can't remember now. It is always safe to go slower, and going too fast can cause you to have to back-track to find your correct dose. After about 3 weeks taking 600 mgs. twice daily, I raised the dose to 1,200. Some will tell you to raise it to 900 first, but I was impatient. The reason you stay at 600 mgs. so much longer, is because experience has shown that to be the effective dose for about 70% of people, and you don't want to go higher if you don't have to. After another 2 weeks, I raised it to the maximum of 2,400 mgs. I stayed there for another 8 months. Sometimes I thought I was feeling worse like you should if it's working, but it always turned out to be something else causing the extra pain. After 10 months total, I quit, since I cannot afford to take things that don't seem to be doing me any good.
    If you do a websearch for "Mark London" you will find an excellently researched article on why he believes Guai works differently than Dr. St. Amand says it does. That article may explain why some of us don't get results. For example, he mentions Guai's blood thinning properties as a possible reason why it helps (hypercoagulation is a problem for many people with long-term chronic illness, including about 70% of fibro patients). I have taken Chondroitin for my arthritis for years, and it is a very potent blood thinner, so I may not need that help from Guai. Another theory is that Guai is a muscle relaxer. I have taken Xanax for that ever since I got fibro,so I would not need help there. Finally, even Dr. St. Amand says taking calcium citrate with meals will also remove the phosphates from our bodies, but it is much slower. I have taken calcium citrate with meals for almost 15 yrs. now, as it completely controls my gastric reflux.
    So, please don't let the fact that Guai didn't helpo me deter you from trying it. It is relatively cheap, unless you end up needing the maximum dose. It is much safer than most other drugs, and it does seem to help some people.
    Please don't try to cut corners on eliminating the salycilates. Even though Mark London says in his article that it is scientifically impossible for the small amts. of salycilates in cosmetics, etc. to block the Guai, many people who take it are convinced these things do block the drug, so if you are going to try this protocol, please do it properly, otherwise you are wasting your time. The book really is essential to do this correctly,and please do some reading on the Guaidoc website as well.
    good luck,

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    I hope Karen can read this one! I also posted another that mentioned that I went on the high protein diet for two months prior to starting the Guai. That way I could tell what effects the diet would have, and seperate them from the effects of Guai.
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