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    pardon my lower case and possible errors i am doing this 1 handed
    i am new to this group any way i was diagnosed with fibro
    4 years ago. i have a ? march 21,2003 i had carpal tunnel surgury and i am having great difficulty with my hand. the surgeon seems to think i have something called reflex sympathetic dystrophy have any of you encountered such a problem or does any one have any info on it also during this time they discovered i have diabetes and the doctor is having trouble regulating it, it has been staying in the 300's. i feel like my whole world has been torn apart. i keep crying without my right hand i feel utterly useless.the pain is unbearable please help
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    I don't have any answers for you,just wanted to welcome you.I am sure someone will be of help. I have had this FM and CFS since at least 1977, so you can see we are forever in the LEARNING MODE.
    I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Believe me we can all relate to that.Besides FM your world has been at least turned up side down with having surgery. Thats a biggy! Try not to stress too much. Just remember"This to shall pass"
    I'm sending happy vibes your way!!!!

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    Welcome Aboard! I am So Sorry you are in such pain. Please come here often, to browse, to vent, to ask questions. These people are really great. I had Carpal Tunnel "Release" Surgery about 5 yrs ago... in my Right hand. Then My Left hand got it! I am in a great deal of pain now, too, all over; I have FM and other Pain-Maladies... but after 25 yrs of it creeping up on me, it has Settled with All its' Hideous Weight on my Neck! in my cervical disc's-and causing Lightning/like Jabs of Sharp 'Electric' Pain to Stab down my Neck & Shoulders! Hey, klwvw4,
    Did I help you take you away from your pain for 1/24th of a second????
    Oh, darn, I tried!
    I wonder if the "reflex sympathetic dystrophy"...on a layman's level...would just mean you would have to work HARDER to Re-Habilitate than a normal C.T.Release... Dystrophy = atrophies=decrease in size, wasting away.
    Being "Reflex Sympathetic" = any tendon{reflex} like-minded{sympathy}-w/ the one(carpal tunnal)-we surgically cut!
    Hey, man,(gal?) I'm guessing...Just trying to ease your mind. The exercises are not fun, and it looks like you're gonna have to work hard if you want your hand to work again... AND IT WILL !!!!!!
    And the Diabetes Thing?? Please Don't Panic ! There are a few of us here who manage Diabetes BY DIET ALONE !!! NO SHOTS!!!
    Is that good news to you?
    I pray you have a Less-Painful weekend, and come back and say Hey !
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    I am afarid I can't give you a Postive answer.
    I had CT surgery on my Right Hand, in Feb, 2000, and I still have Painin it, like now. My hand is also smaller/skinner looking than the left one.
    I still hve Pain in the left, But we will not be doing any more surgery's on me unless it's life threatning.

    I grow Scar Tissue, the minute the sew me up, I guess, so no matter how hard I tried, I never got full use of it back.

    Are you going to PT? There are some hand excerises that can help to stretch the muscles and tendion's, Without reinjuring your hand.

    Use it as much as you can, even if it Hurts. Move thoes fingers, I use to wiggle them all the time.

    I was dx with FMS/CMP after the surgery's, my not recovering right lead my Orthopedic Dr. to think that I had the FMS, so he sent me to a Rhumologist, and she dx me. I also have a clear x-ray of the Arthritus in my Hand.
    The FMS with the A. makes the Pain 10 times worse than if we were Normal (?wha's that?)
    Ask your Doctor if you could have a Stronger Pain med, so that you can get on Top of the Pain, that will help to reduce Inflamation, and can help with your Recovery.
    Don't give up yet, it's only been a short time. It took me six months to get over the Main Surgical Pain, then I used some MSM lotion on the scar, and it is pratically gone, just a small line, where before there was aWelt looking scar.

    I take Soma and Vicodin with Vistril for the Pain.
    Soak my hand om Very, Very Warm soapt water, makes the wrist and fingers feel so goooooood.

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