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    Thank you kmd 90603 for your response. I am from ohio 54yr female. I am anxiously awaiting my dr return call to discuss this. I will ask him more specifics re:the ck labs. Im having a really bad day w/pain, emotional. Keep in touch. Hugs back @ ya Hagatha

    Recently dx w/fm, my dr drew blood work for a ck, my research shows this could be cardiac or inflammation. Has anyone had a CK blood work drawn for fm/cfs? Thanks
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    Is it total CK or does it specify a certain subtype? CK is found in various types of muscle, including cardiac, skeletal, and brain. Elevated CK most often points to skeletal muscle, however, if someone had a heart attack, the CK-MB would be elevated. Find out if it was the total CK that was elevated, and if they specify which isoenzyme is causing the elevation.

    CK, by the way, is an enzyme which is liberated in response to muscle/cell damage. If it's cardiac in nature, the troponin will also be elevated.