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    Hi all,
    I deal with the typical symptoms such as fatigue,not sleeping,all over pain,Ibs and so on.For the last 2 months my knees hurt so bad when I bend down I can barely get back up.My fingers are really stiff in the morning and then just hurt a bit during the day.My feet hurt alot upon waking but the pain becomes tolerable as the day goes. I am wondering if knees and fingers are part of FM. I mentioned knees to my doc and he said "I must just be using them more since HE put me on pain meds.I know,I know, what a stupid thing to say. Like I wasn't moving before the meds. I have 5 children for goodness sake. Plus,the oxycontin just takes the edge off of the pain. If you have any input I would appreciate it.
    Thanks and blessings to you all, kathleen
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    Hello. In the beginning of my fibro, I had the same sort of pain. My feet hurt horribly, especially in the morning. My knees were okay until I had to bend down or sit for a long time. And the finger pain was so annoying! At the time I had a job where I typed a lot and it was so uncomfortable. It especially hurt in my thumb, and half the time i couldn't bend it. My fingers are stiff and sore just a bit in the morning now, and my knees act up from time to time. Hopefully yours will get better as time goes on. :)
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    Hi Kathleen, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis in my knees. You could have that on top of Fibro. as I do. The pain in my knees is always in competition with the pain in my shoulders, back of my neck, upper arms, wrists, and especially my hands. I am usually just one big bag of pain!!!! I'm not whining about it (today) just stating facts. Welcome to the board, it has helped me alot to know there are so many others in this same type of pain. Try to focus on what good you can (and there is always something good even if it is being grateful for such as having roof's over our heads, computers, friends), but most of all for this message board. Everyone is so nice. You are in my prayers. Joan
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    don't quite understand it. I don't do anything that repetitious to have the finger pain that I do. My wrists hurt and feet big time! Dr. says no arthritis. My biggest problem with this disease is the joint pain. The anti-inflammatories do little if anything to help.