Knee Implants anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Omacarole, Sep 12, 2006.

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    I've had implants in both my knees and they have never stopped hurting since 1999. The muscle surrounding my left knee kind of just sloughs off to the left and hangs. I had therapy for six months and it just wouldn't work, so the Dr put me in the hospital and manipulated (cracked) the knee so there was range of motion. The right knee hurts every time I go up and down steps or bend it from a stretched out position. I've been back and forth with Drs and surgeons plus had arthroscopies and they can't find anything wrong except to blame the Fibro. I'm starting to believe they're right, but I'm so sick of the swelling, sharp pains, throbbing and burning on a daily basis I could cry. I usually even wind up limping, it gets so bad. Has anyone out there had any experience with surgeries or implants in a joint? Please share.

    Oh, I've also had a Laminectomy on L3 and have stenosis in 4 disks (Degerative Disk Disease). Drs also said all my pain could be from my back! Feedback please!
  2. Margiepj

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    Hi, I had total knee replacements july of last year and I had to get a manipulation in August, the dr. said that is what I get for not doing physical therapy I was really pissed off with this response> So I said what are you talking about I did all my pt, he walked out of the room all the nurses were laughing. I do have a lot of stiffness and pain in my legs I told dr he said it would take time to get better, but right now my left leg is killing me it is going to rain and that affects my body a lot. You sound like me it seems everyone that get this surgery feels a whole lot better not me i regret getting this done, Ido my exercises every day and ride my bike in basement, I guess it is true what they say fibromyalgia makes this surgery a longer recovery, I also have a hernitated disc l-5-S-1. Margiepj

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