Knee pain is insane now...anyone stiffen after activity?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Manwithfibro, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    I try to exercise and do things but does anyone once they stop turn into a concrete slab like me? I exercised last night and after sitting for 1/2 hour, I went to get up and felt like I could hardly move.

    Anyone gel like this?

    So would think exercise would loosen you up, not cause this reaction.

  2. dwrascaldog

    dwrascaldog New Member

    Hi, just wanted to tell you that I have lots of knee pain with my exercises, but also have osteoarthritis in both. Makes it really hard to exercise for the FMS. This probably won't help much, but I just try to move around, doing laundry etc without a lot of exercises, and I take my glucosamine faithfully, dr's orders. I'm in flare up right now, and have read if you're in flare up, don't even try to do the exercises, just pace yourself.
    do you ever have the aching leg cramps as if you want to stretch your leg muscles?
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have terrible knee pain in my left knee due to osteoarthritis in it.

    A few years ago, I tore the meniscous (?sp) cartlidge in it and had to have surgery. The doc also scraped out a lot of arthritis according to what he told my family after the surgery.

    Now, the knee is in really bad shape again. I had another CT scan to see if I had re-torn the cartlidge. Nope--just arthritis.

    I was taught some exercises after my last surgery to keep my knees strong. While in bed, keep your legs straight and try to touch the bed with your knees--it's kind of like the sheets are "sucking your knees down to meet the sheet". I do this 100 times every night before I go to sleep--even if it hurts. This keeps all the muscles strong that hold the knee together--so when I am walking, my knees don't buckle on me.

    The exercises don't help improve my knee--it still hurts--I'm just hoping they will keep it strong enough to walk on.

  4. Licorice

    Licorice New Member

    If I over do it I always get stiff and achy. My muscles turn to concrete and I can hardly get up. I'm only 47, but walk like an 80 year old sometimes. The key is not to over do which for me is hard. I don't like to sit down or let things go, but I pay for it later.
  5. jegleston

    jegleston New Member

    Hi Tim,

    I'm another guy with Fibro. Yes, I get very stiff from sitting more than half an hour. Getting up and taking my first few steps can be rather unseemly. Exercising loosens up my muscles, but then afterwards, my muscles get tighter and my pain increases.

    The trick is to learn how to read your body and not overdo it. That's easy to say; not so easy to do. At least for me, pain, stiffness, and agility varies from day to day, even hour to hour on some days.

    Some research shows that folks with Fibro don't release nearly as much growth harmone during exercise or deep sleep compared with folks who do not have Fibro. This impairs our ability to repair and refresh our muscles that become damaged by activity (micro-trauma).

    Hope you get your pain under control. I find that a hot soak in the tub works well for relieving my pain.

    Best wishes,


  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Lately, I can barely make it up and down the stairs! It's pretty bad right now. Usually, I'm just stiff.

  7. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I have learned to avoid stairs and not to sit in one position for too long a period. I walk like I am 94 instead of 49. Heating pads, especially the ones with moist heat alternated with ice packs helps me when the pain gets to where the pain pills won't take it away. I also sleep with a pillow under my legs instead of laying flat or on my side. Also I use the stick on medicated patches for pain. Exercise of any type makes me so much worse. Hope these ideas help you some.
  8. dwrascaldog

    dwrascaldog New Member

    Hi, I did use muscle pain lotion for awhile on shoulders. Really helped. And on the knees. finally, they've eased up. Am doing much better now. Thanks for the advice. I'm 45, but feel 80 lots of days. haha! Don't we all?
  9. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Exercise and me do not get along. Everytime I try to keep up a regimen I get worse and worse. I know this is not everyone's experience, but for me this is so.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, I have OA of both knees and before the Synvisc injections, I had such stiffness and pain that it was killing me. The Synvisc doesn't work for everyone, but it's been a God send for me. The injections must be done before the OA is severe. At that point, only knee replacement helps. Glucosamine and chondroiten have also helped me a great deal. The Synvisc can be repeated and may delay knee replacement surgery indefinitely. Knee replacement is being streamlined to make it less and less painful and to make recovery faster. The longer one can delay it, the better the prospects.

    Love, Mikie
  11. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member

    Hi Tim,

    I finally had one knee replaced last year. I had the arthroscopy, then synvisc injections and neither worked.

    After becoming a professional physical therapy patient :) I can offer the following;

    Before exercise put heat on your knees. It should be moist heat - just about 5-10 minutes.

    Once you exercise, you have inflamed your knee which is causing the pain, so immediately after exercise you should ice down your knees. The ice should also be about 10 minutes or until your numb which ever comes first.

    The other thing is that you should be keeping your quad muscles as strong as possible - that's what helps keep your knees in alignment and takes the pressure off of them. You should do leg lifts while in bed - LOTS of them! You should do them while laying on your back with one leg bent, lift the other. It doesn't have to be high, just about level with the knee that is bent. Then you should also alternate lying on each side and doing side leg lifts.

    The other thing is what kind of exercise are you doing? The best exercise for knee problems is swimming or water aerobics. The next best thing is a stationary or street bicycle. Lastly, an elipticle machine is good too. You shouldn't do anything that is pounding, such as running, jogging, regular aerobics, skiing, roller blading, skating, etc.

    Hope this helps! Knee pain really s--cks and when you are trying to do a good thing like exercise it's even more frustrating.

    Good luck
  12. sniffles

    sniffles New Member

    I sure know how you are feeling with all that pain. I need a knee replacement and the drs won't do it for me because I always have complacations with any kind of surgery. Anyway, I am getting the Synvisc injections done to keep me going and they have really helped, but for the pain of over doing and just getting things done or trying to get a good nights sleep I use a cheap home remedy that really helps relieve stiff and painful joints. Please don't laugh or think I am crazy before you give it a try. I wrote in a couple of weeks ago under the title Cheap Pain Relief and told how I read about using CASTOR OIL as a rub on to help relieve pain and many people has responed to my post and found that it sounds crazy, but it works. Just rub it on over the painful part of your knee and let it soak in a minute or two and then just pat it with a tissue enough to keep it from getting on your clothes or you can cover it with a soft cloth. Do this at bedtime and you will rest much better and then again in the morning. I don't know just how it works, but it is safe and helps get you out of your chair when before it hurt to bad to try getting up. Hope you will give it a try and let me know how it works for you. It can be rather hard to find in the stores. Walgreens and most drug stores carry it. I have even used it on my lower back where I have degenerated disc and the pain gets pretty bad. Good luck and if you try it let me know if it helps.

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