Knee pain

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    Well I finally found out why my knees hurt so bad and why I have knots that swell up on the inner side of them. I went to the dr. yesterday and he took x-rays of my knees. I told him how they swell, but they weren't really bad yesterday. He had x-rays taken then he examined me. He said that the x-rays showed the swelling but no injury. I knew I hadn't injured myself. He told me that this all goes along with my fms, that I have osteoarthritis in my knees. I had been having problems with my knees for a while. I pretty much figured it was fm related. It may sound funny but I'm glad to know, not to have, that there is a reason for it that there is a name to put to it. I was going crazy.
    I sleep on my side most of the time and have to put a pillow between my knees to help keep the pressure of one knee off the other. In the mornings when I wake it feels like an elephant has been laying on me all night. When I'm on my feet for a while I feel the burning sensation in my knees, it's like I can feel the swelling.
    This fms really sucks! But atleast there's an explanation for all I'm going through!
    Soft hugs