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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Tanner60, Oct 21, 2003.

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    Hi I'm from the UK and new here. I had a TKR 7 months ago. I went to see my specialist today to see about having the other one done. The problem is , after the first one (which went really well) I was rushed into hospital with a suspected blood clot on the lung. Thankfully it wasn't that ( I had fluid on the lung). My problem is do I go ahead and have the other knee done with the risk that next time I may not be so lucky.I am more scared of the posability of this happening again than I am of the operation. I have to see the specialist again in 6 months ,by which time I have to decide if I want to go ahead with the other TKR. I would like to know if anyone has any advice please.
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    If your quality of life depends on another TKR, then do it.
    Talk with your doctor about the fear of a blood clot. Every surgery carries this risk and there can be steps taken to prevent it. I have OA and RA. I am 31. Doctor says my knees will last abour 10 years, then I will probably need replacement. I would rather keep my mobility than worry about what could be. I know what living with bad knees is like and it is nearly impossible to get around or rest with the constant griding, swelling and pain. You say the first TKR went well, so why should the second time be different? Think positive and take care of you! {{{HUGS}}}
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    Thanks I will talk to my doctor, but I will have the surgery. It only takes one really bad day and I know I can't live like this.I am only 51 and find it painful to get around and most of the time I'm housebound.The knee I had done is a little stiff at times, but no pain......