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  1. jodboga

    jodboga New Member

    anyone else have this and if so what have they taken to reduce the swelling . My knees are swelled so much they hurt aweful .
  2. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    I also have the fatty pads on both knees, both sides of the knee caps. I have OA of both knees, and have undergone injections for the pain. It did not make the swelling go away. Before I was diagnosed with the OA, I asked my neurologist about the fatty pads, and he said it is part of the fibro.

    Are your fatty pads numb? Mine are, and also a part of my calf going down the outside of my leg.

    Good luck with this dd.

  3. jodboga

    jodboga New Member

    thank you for you response , I have taken grape seed until a couple of months ago . I quit all my medications and tried just supplements except pain meds . I guess that was not the right thing to do either . thanks again .
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  4. jodboga

    jodboga New Member

    hi , it was your suggestion that helped me to decide grape seed , thank you , it has been a life saver at times . I took some a couple of hours ago and already my knees are less painful . again , thanks...It seems I too should keep that one .
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