knots under my arms

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    I have fibro and lupus along with a host of other autoimmune diseases. Recently I went to the Breast care Dr. and he said that he couldn't feel the knots I'm was telling him about and that position I was telling him they were was actually not my breast at all. But I do know as well as my husband that there are knots there. We both felt them. The Dr. said that the pain could be coming from fibromyalgia. But what could the knots be caused from. If anyone has the same symptoms please let me know.
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    I like your name. I have a mental picture of you giggling during the doctor's examination!

    I get lump in my armpits when I drink too much coffee. They go away when I cut back.

    I also get kind of a row or line of lumps in my arms or legs when a muscle is all seized up from the fibro. It feels like a twisted rope when you run your fingers over it. When the flare recedes, so does the rope.

    Hope that helps!

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    I love you name. I too have lumps under my armpits and I have fibrocystic breasts. I couldn't do a self exam myself for anything. I would be jumping off the deep end if I did. Too much caffeine makes them worse. I also have lumps along the back ridge of my upper arms. I have had mammagrams and doctor exams and they all agree these are not dangerous. Must not be, they have been there for years. Guess I would be gone if they weren't right. Just be sure your doctor remains aware of these. As for the pain, sometimes a heating pad helps.