knots under skin in arms and legs??

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    i have never seen a post on this, but was wondering if any other fibro patients have knots or bumps under the skin on arms and upper legs? i have had them for may years as has my niece. they range in size from a pea to a quarter and you cannot stand to touch them , they are so painful. she gave me a tip that has really helped. she told me to buy a small wand massager vibrator(we got ours at target) but she told me that it would hurt, but to hold it on the bumps until they will make a little pop which feels just like a sweat bee has stung you, but when that happens, the pain instantly stops. it worked for me as she told me it would. this is just another tip that i use when it gets unbearable. i told my dr. about it and he says -whatever helps you , try it. hope it helps someone else. but i just wondered if anyone has this problem. for i have had to put up with it for years.
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    I have them too. This message board has helped me know that all these wierd things I just blew off are also things others have. I just wonder how they are connected to the overall overwhelming problem we share. What is up w/ these painful knots-how are they related to the FM or CFS. Anyone know the answer?
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    i am so glad that you answered my post. my m.d. never believed in fibro (as do many other dr's) until i let him feel these and he had no answer. but as i began to let him see the things that were happening, as they happened, he became a big believer. i turned my hand to pick up my coffee cup last year and the blood vessel in my wrist blew. last month , i did the same thing with the other one! they never go back to normal and they hurt like heck. just another new thing that i have now. have you tried the massager on them yet? they cost 12 or 14.00 dollars at target. it really helps. also, how long have you had the bumps? thanks again
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    when I was being treated for myofascial pain,I would get therapy.These knots would be lightly touched and then rubbed out,GENTLY. It took awhile but eventually they would go away. Then I would be physically sick.(apparently the knots were like toxins.)Hard to explain as it has been awhile. Anyone know what I am talking about.
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    yes i understand perfectly! mine are like boils and cannot be touched unless very very gently. that is why i did ry the vibrator (the wand type) i start very gently on one until it pops and stings and then move to another. it has helped them and i am not going to have a dr. poking around on them. i did let my md. feel them , just to know what fibro really felt like to another person. he was then a BELIEVER!
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    the knots are related to fibro because i dont have cfs. i dont really know what all cfs patients go through but i know it is awful. so in my case i do know that it is the fibro. ski
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    Read the book on FM/CFS by Devin Starlanyl. There's more than one. The knots are trigger points! They can be injected (trigger point injections) and massaged out if you can stand the pain. They are little spasms of muscle and they DO hurt. The best book on FM is by Devin Starlanyl - it's part and parcel of the condition. Good luck!
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    Yes, I think they can be trigger points, but can also be something else.

    I have had a couple of pea sized hard knots on my wrist. They did not hurt.

    I get knots, the therapist says are trigger points and they do hurt. Mine are much larger than a pea (that surely must vary) but are not as hard as the knots I've had on my wrist. Those felt just like a little marble under the skin.
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    I developed one of these raised, hardened areas on my wrist, and I have noticed a couple of others, only smaller.

    I have triggers, and these are not like that.

    I am a medical person, and the doc tried to tell me they are cysts, but they don't feel like or look like any I have seen in the OR.
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    my daughter had something similar to this when she was about fifteen, big bumps on her arms and legs that felt like bad bruises? She was in a lot of pain with her legs and could hardly walk, it went on for many weeks and she was a normal happy teenager.

    It was something called 'erythyrum nodosum' but please dont quote me on the names or the spelling, it happened, apparently because she had recurring tonsellitis and she was having a full body reaction to the streptococcus virus that causes tonsellitis, and once we finally got someone to take notice, she responded very well to rest and antibiotics. She also got shingles about the same time.
    Of course for both of these visible illnesses the GP said there was nothing wrong with her, and we had to go back and see the practice nurse to get an intelligent diagnosis.

    hope this helps

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    i am so glad for your posts, bbut this sounds entirely different. mine are so close together tht you cannot lay a teaspoon handle between them. also, they are not visible. they are deep. maybe about a 1/2 inch deep before anyone can feel them. they absolutely COVER my upper legs and arms. soe are small but most are about the size of a quarter. but then, the ones on my upper arms are almost the size of a childs hands. they have always been there. for 20 years at least. the trigger points are completely different things. i dont know what causes these. dr, didnt either. they are not as hard as a cyst.some are about the texture of a boiled egg. and some are as hard as a bean. it is the hard ones that respond to the massager, and then break and sting. there is no bruising either before or after. i just thought everyone probably had them that had fibro. maybe i can become clearer as we go along .lol they sure are miserable at times. the upper legs are the worst. there are just so many things about this disease. also, i had rheumatic fever about the time that i came down with this. i had st. vitis dance (korea) with it and was an invalid for over a year and a half. this was around 4-5 years old. the jerking and flailing was just awful. maybe, you could look up st. vitus dance on google and get some ideas. i am in a fog again. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU DEAR PEOPLE. you are in my prayers. --ski
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    I have had them for years. They are pea sized in both thighs in front and now have them in underside of my upper arms. They hurt really bad to touch. I use a massager on them and heat. I didn't know anyone else had them too.
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    I'm so glad others posted on this Thanks Skikat!
    Mine flare and become really painful- then they stop- they are still hard but I wonder why they flare- maybe hormone changes? I have hashimotos/thyroid too-anyone else see these flare at that time of the month?
  15. OMG That sooo sounds like me. I have been through it all. I get thses large lumps on the my calf muscle mostly on my right leg since I was a tattoo artist and sewer, so I used that leg alot. Now I get these lumps and they can be as big as a golf ball or tennis ball and they hurt and then go away then move. I have been check for blood clots and stuff like that. I get sooo paranoid. I Have FM and Have had Shingles AND have something called B Strep, plus I used to get Strep and Tonsillitis alot too! It sucks. BAD!!! I hope that your daughter is okay!!! I still have yet to find anything that works for me. I have two small children and home school so I have to be vigilant and since I am very sensitive to meds I rely on Vicodin only bc the muscle relaxers knock me out.
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    They are called Lipoma's. Very common in Fibro patients. I have about 30 all over my body and in places that I dont like having them. They are non-cancerous fatty tissue. You can have them removed, but they most likely come back. The only time they are a problem is when they become cosmetic...on your face. I found one on a breast and FREAKED! I had a mammogram the next day and that's when my ob/gyn told me what they were. I cant believe a doctor would tell you to pop them. Yes, it can be done, but why go thru the pain when they will come back. I have one on the palm of my right hand that hurts when I write, which I dont do often. Its about the size of a pea. I have several on my back...matter of fact, thats where the most of them are. I have them on both arms, hands, and legs and on my sternum. I have a few that hurt other than the one on the palm of my hand. Research Lipoma's and see if that's what it sounds like you have!<BR>
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    I have these all over esp, chest ,arms and legs but often have them on back and abdomen. They range in size from pea to tennis ball .They are super painful and no amount of pain meds helps mine. the only thing that really helps mine is massage that hurts sooooo bad I could cry but if I can stand to do it then within a few days they stop hurting as badly. Sometimes I dont even know I have one acting up until I brush up against something or someone hugs me and then wow the pain starts. So crazy and so painful. I did ask my surgeon about having them removed and he said they would most likely return and called them benign fatty other dr gave me trigger point injections and that helped for about two months on some of the major ones. This diease just exhausts us with the constant pain, stiffness, insomnia and the many many new symtoms thats always cropping up and always changing. God Bless everyone here thats suffering and enduring this horrible illness.