know any meds for pain that wont worsen fatigue

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  1. mimmic

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    have severe cfs. meds that seem to calm down all over pain seem to worsen fatigue. i am taking amit. 10mg. now have used ativan for years as needed. doesnt really help pain but helps me cope with it better but it also makes me more tired. tried pamelor for a bit but made me too weak to live. carolyn

  2. spacee

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    I cautiously recommend Ultram (NOT the generic tyenol). It gives a bit of pick me up
    too. But is pricey if your insurance only covers generic brands.

    Also, if you decide to stop taking it. You need to stop about 1/4 a tab a week. For
    some that is hard to do because they need the pain relief and mental stimulant.

    A bit of ritalin (I take half of a 5mg) with an otc might work to some extent. That
    is where I am headed now. A bit of ritaliln (generic is fine) and aleve. And coffee.

    It is a struggle, isn't it?


  3. tig519

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    Tramadol (non time release Ultram) does give me pick me up as well, but for some it does make them sleepy. I've seen comments that have gone about 50/50
  4. karynwolfe

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    Hydrocodone-based pain relivers (lortab, vicodin, etc) seem to really give some of us a lot of energy! I have severe M.E. and it helps me achieve mental clarity, alertness, a small bit of energy (NOT sleepy), and of course, adequate pain relief.

    If they give it to you, start with just a half-tablet, and see if it provides enough pain relief while also giving you these other beneficial side effects.

    Opioids like hydrocodone gets a bad reputation because of people abusing them, but they were created for very sick people in a lot of pain. And we are very sick people in a lot of pain. Used responsibly, it's a very wonderful drug to give us the relief we need. The ME association of the UK even found that opioid-based pain relievers were the most beneficial for ME/CFS patients (this is ironically in contrast to people with fibromyalgia, for which opioids do very little).

  5. heapsreal

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    I second the tramal, i find it gives me a boost in energy as well as pain relief. another option i used a few years ago for my back was 2xpanadeine(which is tylenol and 8mg of codeine) and asprin. I probably wouldnt use this all the time but it did help me with back pain. supplements like kava extract can help increase the effectiveness of pain relievers and gives a nice mellow feeling without feeling groggy.

  6. msgirl67

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    I agree with karynwolfe. I find that not only does this help with the pain that I have, but gives me some of my energy back. My doc tells me take them before the pain gets to me so that it will not be as hard to relieve it, but I do not like taking something if the pain is tolerable. I do find though that I take it some days just for the energy.

    I also found out just last night that it helps me sleep better. I toss and turn after about 3-4 hours of sleep (with a sleeping pill) and decided to try a lortab at bedtime. I remember waking up a few times, but didn't stay awake as long. I'm going to try it again tonight. I'm not as tired this morning.

    I'm still not for sure what I have...they are labeling me as fibro - waiting on my Vitamin D levels to come back and I have now been scheduled to see a neurologist. I guess I am on the long road to some sort of middle ground. As with all of us on here that I read about....we just want some control over our aches and pains and to have a decent level of energy to make it through the day. Hope that you feel better soon.
  7. caroleye

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    Since I can't tolerate RX drugs, what helps me is our Mother Plant (MJ) and Potato Vodka. Just use lightly at night.

    Happy I live in California:)
  8. karynwolfe

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    oh, speaking of natural things, i've heard a LOT of benefit from curcumin, which you can find in any health food store :) I've never tried it but there are a lot of testimonies on this site about it working wonders, especially for severe headaches. it's an anti-inflammatory with a lot of other benefits, could be worth looking into
  9. hensue

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    If I take brand tramadol it would give me a little energy and help breakthrough pain.
    Now my kidneys hurt. I have some vicodin it actually makes me hurt does that make any sense?

    Anyway what are the two natural things you reccomend? What do they do?