Know any songs to dedicate to a bro from his sis at his wedding?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. painterZ

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    A while back I posted about my lil bro getting married and how I was struggling with that due to my own disaterous marriage. Anyway, I've had my ups and downs with it and my lil bro and his fiance have about three and a half weeks until the big day. I, of course, am doing my best to keep my "stuff" on the back burner and just deal with it in therapy although I must it admit it is still very painful to think that my lil bro may get hurt. I guess its because I am still going through such a mess with my ex and my daughter.

    All that aside, I'm looking for a song that I can dedicate to my lil bro. I have one to dedicate to both of them, but I want one especially for him. He's the lil brother that acts like my big bro. He's the baby of the family, and of course was allowed to get away with murder...turned out I began to like the lil dude anyway. We're a close family in that we do things for others, but not very emotional or share deep feelings. I'm at a loss for a song. Sorry to say, neither one of us "do" country music so that's the only catagory I can say that it just wouldn't work.

    Anyway...any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    therealmadscientist...I think the chicken dance is already scheduled to be played :)

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    I am not much good at coming up with stuff like this off the top of my head. Plus, not knowing what sentiment you want to express or the type of music you prefer... But if you Google "lyric search keywords" (without the quotes) you will find some search engines that search song titles and lyrics for certain words or phrases of your choosing.

    Hopefully some of the other posters will be of more help. If nothing else, I can bump your post to the top.

    Good luck! I will keep pondering.
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    "Another one bites dust"

    I'm sorry, just a little bit of wedding humor there. I once read this is the most played song at bachelor parties!

    When my little bro got married (he is 11 years younger), I was told I gave the most beautiful toast at his rehearsal dinner. I'll have to take their word for it, it wasn't rehearsed and for the life of me I can't even remember standing up and giving it. Just as well, I probably would dissolve into tears if I thought about what I said.

    I just googled "Songs Brothers" and came up with a ton of ideas, so give that a shot too.

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    by sister sledge
  5. painterZ

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    Thankful by Josh Groban. I interpreted the song as though it was from me to him, saying that I didn't understand what he has found (love) but that I am trying and that we are connected forever and that I'm thankful for what we have. It kind of says I'm trying and that I wish him and his fiance the best of luck. I think it's actually a Christmas song because it came from his Noel CD but whatever works, right?

    Now I just have to find a pair of heels that work the dress :)

    Thanks for all the suggestions on songs and where to hunt for them!!

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    Sounds like will be a fun wedding!

    Oh, I was tempted to make up a story about how whenever I feel down, I go to my room, put on a chicken dance video, and do the chicken dance. Works everytime!

    I wonder if there is special music for the chicken dance?

    Cheers, hope you have lots of fun at the wedding, Bill
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    "He Ain't Heavy! He's My Brother!"

    recorded by The Hollies

    (circa 1969?)

    also recorded by:
    Neil Diamond
    Barry Manilow

    or how about "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole? You will have the whole place in tears!