Know of any work at home jobs with flexible hours?

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  1. atrinigyal29

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    I was diagnosed with fibro in 2001 and have not been able to work as a result of it. I do have some days or some hours during the day where I am feeling ok, so was wondering if anyone knew of any jobs where I can work at home in which I can schedule my own hours.

    I have researched online for work at home jobs but many of the websites seem to be scams, asking for a "one time fee" to get started. It's frustrating not being able to work especially in my field, mental health counseling. Any information on legitimate work at home jobs with flexible hours will be extremely helpful and greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  2. beth0818

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    i work at a small outpatient surgical facility and we employee a part time transcripiontist who works from home. she hels type the doctors' dictation and then emails her work to be printed out here.

    also, maybe an avon sales rep...i was thinking of doing that on the side.....

    some universities employee people on an as needed basis to read textbook asignments allowed for blind students. i did it in college.

    those are all my ideas for now. good luck!
  3. justjanelle

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    another thing about the medical transcription from home idea -- I have a friend who's been in this field for 7 years and she's seeing many of the jobs be sent overseas to countries with cheaper labor.

    She expects she'll be let go herself within the next year or so and is already trying to figure out what field she can get in that might be a safe haven from future outsourcing. So far she hasn't found one!

    Seems a shame that they keep charging people that much money for training that more than likely won't allow them to get and keep the kind of job they want. Of course, maybe the school doesn't care once they have the tuition money!

    Best wishes,
  4. atrinigyal29

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    First of all, thank you all for responding. With regards to my skills, I have my master's in mental health counseling and last year developed my own website for online counseling, guidance, and advice. So far it's been very slow and the costs to keep it going, including advertising, are too much money for me. I'm thinking of closing the website down due to lack of money. My biggest problem is in promoting it. I don't have any experience working in the business world so I don't how to promote it utilizing cost effective ways.

    So basically my skills are in counseling but with FM it's not possible to provide therapy for clients on a regular basis.

    I've looked into medical transcription but within a few years that position will be extinguished due to the technological advances in which doctors can transcribe on their own by dictating to their computers. My doctor has that system. Plus all the training needed and knowledge of medical terms, with fibro, it's hard for me to concentrate and understand technical words.

    Anyway thank you for all of your responses. I guess I have to take a look at myself again and see what else I'm good at in terms of my skills.

    Gentle hugs to all of you! :)

  5. FibroJo

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    I am a medical transcriptionist who works from home. If you can type you can probably do it. I love it. I work for a hospital. They set me up at home and even gave me a computer to use rather than using my own. When I have a computer problem they actually come to the house to take care of it. So, like I said, if you can type call some clinics or your hospital to see who does their transcribing. And, remember different departments have different transcribers.........I transcribe for Radiology.
    It is certainly worth looking into. Did I say, "I LOVE IT"!
  6. FibroJo

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    As I mentioned above, I am a medical transcriber who works from home. I DID NOT PAY A PENNY FOR ANY TRAINING. I had very minimal medical terminology and told them that from the get go. They gave me a test and said I was hired. I too have heard about places sending their transcription to other countries and about the doctors who use the computer that you just talk to........I have ALSO heard horror stories about it. It is always worth checking into.
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  7. atrinigyal29

    atrinigyal29 New Member

    Thank you. I will definitely look into it further.
  8. Crystal

    Crystal New Member

    I think a great way to make money and stay home is to sell things on eBay. I do it in my spare time...(I have fibro but am able to work full time as a hairdresser..thank god). It's really easy to do..look into it.

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