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    I was trying to find a good teaching hospital in the Quincy,IL. or surronding area. I live close to St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia. I can not get a for sure diagnosise. The last Rhumy I seen I had Lupus and the next time I didn't the next time I did and the last time she said she didn't need o see me anymore. So I have no idea what is going on. I know I'm tired of being in pain, being tired and felling like I'm losing my mind. If anyone could help me out I sure would appreciate it. I have just come to a dead end.
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    I used to live in Illinois (Joliet). I'm not familiar with Drs. in your part of the state. I think you should repost your request on the ARTHRITIS board. I think you would stand a better chance of getting a response than the General health message board where this is presently posted. I will do some searching on the web and see if there is a medical school close to you. Your present Rheumatologist told you that she didn't need to see you anymore because she probably doesn't have a clue what to do for you. Instead of just coming right out and telling you that she is "stumped", she told you that you didn't have to see her anymore. You don't need a Dr. with that type of attitude.
    Come on people, let's help Becko out. Surely someone out there has a great Rheumy that lives in her area.
    There is supposed to be some way to look up good Drs. on this web site. I still haven't figured out how to do it.
    I can't find the stuff that you are suppposed to click on. When you type in Good Dr. or Good Dr. List in the search box, that doesn't work either.
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    Hi Becko, Joyfully here again.
    Medical Schools in Illinois=
    Loyola University of Chicago | Stritch School of Medicine
    Northwestern University Medical School
    Rush University
    Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
    University of Chicago
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    Medical Schools in Missouri:
    Saint Louis University
    University of Missouri-Columbia University of Missouri-Kansas City
    Washington University

    Any of the medical schools that I have gone to across the US have a teaching hospital right on the campus. There are exceptions to any rule, but I have found the medical school hospital clinics to be great. They are always aware of the latest drugs and procedures. You normally get to see a really great Dr. So I hope you find something on the list that helps in your quest. I would ask for Rheumatology/Immunology. Take along your test results, xrays, and med. records to help save $$$$$$$. Call the med school and they will be able to direct you to the rheumatology appointment phone number. If you get a general #, ask them to connect you ---BUT ALSO GET THE ARTHRITIS PHONE NUMBER IN CASE YOU GET DISCONNECTED. Find out if you have to get a referral from your existing Rheumy.
    Take ALL of your present meds. with you for your apt. Write down the name, dosage, and strength of any meds you have taken in the past 6 months (up to 1 yr.) that you no longer take. If you had a reaction to the drug, put that down after the name of the drug. If it didn't do anything to help you, write down something like "no change in symptoms" or ineffective. The more information you can supply, the better your chances of getting a med that works.
    Remember-even if you have to drive a long way, you are getting help. Once your meds. are established and stabilized, a local Dr. can continue to fill them for you.
    Best of Luck-Joyfully