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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jami117, Jun 23, 2010.

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    As I'm reading all of the exciting news being posted here, I'm reminded that the FCC is currently having closed door meetings with AT&T and others regarding infringing on net neutrality. I'm preparing to write to my representatives, the FCC and President Obama to ask that they uphold the President's campaign pledges of transparency in government and strong support for net neutrality.

    We see here the need to keep this open exchange of information free of FCC regulation and corporate control. It appears that now is a time for all who care to force Washington to listen to the voice of the people and put the peoples' welfare above that of corporations.

    If you'd like to know some more about this issue, and why we need to divert a little of our precious energy right now, check out freepress.net. I hope everyone will spread the word - alerting all they know who use the internet to look into this issue.

    I hope this isn't inappropriate for this board. I just thought a general alert was necessary. I trust that a moderator will delete this if it shouldn't be here - thanks.

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    they mean corporations like att&t and comcast, etc are planning to try to charge more money for people to be able to access the internet, from what I gathered from just quickly looking over the site

    they talk about the loss of net neutrality, meaning free choice of what we can access/post, etc, too

    not completely sure exactly all that is going on - like I said I just quickly looked it over, but it does sound as if it could wind up limiting much of what people do online, either bc of increased costs to us directly or bc of increased costs to places like pro health, for instance (some of those palces may not be able to afford or may decide it is not worth trying to afford this)

    there is a video with another site, and that sits has another video with a link to send a prewritten letter in re this matter......pretty simple to do and certainly not going to hurt anything, so I think it's probably worth taking the time to do

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