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    I read on another post that were adopted. You have been looking for your mother.

    I have a half-sister that was adopted and I have yet to look for her. Actually I don't really know if I want to.

    I read your Bio and you said that you were in your 40's. I am 54. My sister was put up for adoption when I was 9 I believe. Not sure.

    Do you have any idea where your mother is from? I know that my sister's mother was from Paducah, Ky. She and I have the same dad. My dad is dead, but I am not sure about her mother.

    Any time I hear of someone who was adopted.... I wonder maybe that could be my sister. You probably know what I mean.

    I sure hope you are able to find your family.


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    Hi Jodi,

    What a surprise to hear from you, I got more of a response on this site then I have on the acutal adoption site I belong to.

    I would love to say, Yes, you are my long lost family, but it does not look like it. From what I was told, I was born in Erie County in NY State. Then name that was given to me at the time of birth was Pamela Sue Dahlin, not sure of the spelling of the last name or if that name is even correct or not. I was born in Aug of 1958, so I am older then your half sister would be.

    I have to say though, if she feels like I do, it sure would be nice to find long lost family members. I have thought about it for years and was afraid I would offend my mother that adopted me, so I delayed, now my heart breaks thinking of not being able to just find out what they are like

    God Bless you I hope you find her I know she would love it too