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    Wow! I can't believe that I have ran into somebody that knows where Parma is! I worked over in Payette for a few months at Jerry's Market. Was it there when you were? My little sis also lives in Ontario. I wonder if you are talking about the Dominican Clinic in Fruitland? And the doc. Dr. Smith by any chance? Old guy. He also works at the ER in Ont. Head of ER. Wow this is a trip. Where in CALI do you live? I lived for a while in the mountains outside of Eureka/Arcata. I absolutely LOVE Arcata!
    Most of the docs around here are out of med school and don't want to treat FM because they don't want to get into trouble before they ever get established. That and they have a GOD complex and think that they know it all.
    I live right across the street from the tire shop in Parma. In a little broken down house. One of these days we'll stop patching it up and tear it down and put up a new one, but I love where I live. Parma is pretty quiet and not many people. This is pretty great. I am glad that you read our post and we have found each other. I hope we get to talk soon.
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    Yes, I know where Jerry's market is, when did you work there? It's still there.
    I used to live up on the Hill, off 95, across the street from the Marshall House, the one with the big Pond/Pool in front. They filled it up every June, and by July there were Mosquitos everywhere.
    Do you get an allergic reaction to thier bite's, and also thoes dang Horse/Deer flies? I get a huge red rash that is hot to the touch. Then it blister's, itches and when it finally goes away, it leaves a white scar.
    They love folks with FMS, so besure to protect yourself this Spring and Summer. We'll be coming up in June, maybe, Hubby is, I hate the short trips, so I will probably stay home, alone, Yeahhhhhhh.

    My Rhumotologist, saw the scars from my Insect bites on my first visit with her, and said that was a Big clue to her, that I had FMS. By the second visit she did dx me with the combo of MPS/FMS. This Dr. by the way is in Ca.

    So who is your Dr. there? I saw an Orthopedic Dr., Dr.Hessing, but he's a Friend of Dr. Henbest who tore my Rotator cuff. Dr. Hessings a good Doc. but dosen't know Beans about FMS/MPS. They thought I had Tenditios )Spelling sucks anymore) and when they went in to do the surgery, they found that I had a large tear, so they opened up my Cuff and tried to fix it. then Dr. Hessing turned around and re-tore it himself when they were operating on my left knee, this was 5 months later. He said while I was out, they figured they could Bust the scar tissue and I wouldn't feel the pain. They tore the whole thing again and then Cut me off Pills because I didn't Want to get well.
    I still can't use the arm fully, and it's a bummer at times, by Hey it's still there and I do range of motion excerise's to keep it from anthropying.

    Have you ever heard of a Photography Studio called, "Cherished Memories"? That was my Studio, till the Flare from Hell hit me, then I had to close shop, couldn't do the work by myself. It was around the corner from TIP's, ever eat there? The Gals that own it moved in just before I did, and they were so nice to me, I loved eating there. Till Food became my enemy, makes me sick to eat most things.

    So I see you are having Carpal Tunnel Problems, well I wish you luck. I had surgery Feb 14th, 2000, and I still can't use my hand and I still have a lot of Pain. Like now, lol, I've been typing a lot tonight. I'm very chatty.

    We will have to meet over on the ChitChat Board, talk somemore and see who we Know, lol, it's a lot of small town's, and everyone Know everyone. I have a friend named Patti that used to live next door to us in Ore. and now she lives in Parama, and her Step-son and his wife live in Payette, on Center. I did their Wedding, but didn't know Patti was in the Wedding Party till we saw each other at their Church. So it's a Small World afterall.

    Like I replied before, I do know a few Gals who have FMS, so if your interested, I can give you their names, but over on the CC board, I think that's a better place for talking anyway.

    Oh Yeah the Dr's name in Fruitland is Dr. Snyder, and yes that's the one I was talking about. The other one is run by the Carroll- Barton Family and I don't like them at all. A bunch of Quacks, don't get me started, lol.

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    I'm old, and my memory is fading fast. Didn't there used to be a raggedy little motel in Parma with a greasy spoon sort of kitty corner across the street? If I'm in the right town, they used to serve the best hamburgers in Idaho.
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    There used to be a sleezy Motel in Payette, but the only place that I remember having good food was a small drive in, great food, but after the Owner died, it changed hands and the grub got bad.

    I use to go there for Finger Steaks with the Horseradish/ketchup dressing the Owner made.
    After I had my Gallblader out I found that I can't eat Hot or Spicy foods any more. I also have IBS with the FMS/MPS, fun huh?
    Both hubby and I are trying to think what the name of that place. I have Fibro, and he's younger than me, so I Hope his Brain Fa*t, isn't for the same reason.

    If this post disapears it'll be because Mike or Shirl got out the Red Pen, lol and moved it to the ChitChat Message board. Try posting to me over there, I bet we have some common Friends. Do you know a little Short Gal, named Terry that used to work over at Lonnies and then at Albertson's in the Viedo Dept.? She also has Fibro, and also the Gal who works for the Video Distrubtor.
    Terry now has a Restruant/Bar now, and I wonder how her FMS is effecting her. The stress of the Bars up there is Horrible. So it can't be doing her any good.

    Do you need the name of the PA that my Sis in ore. see's? I have to write or call her today.

    Have a Great Day,