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    Sharon, I just read your response to Mikies post. We have a big thing in common. Hoping we can discuss it. I also can not wear the two dentures I have had made. What is cmp? We can do this over email if you want. It would be great to talk to a fellow sufferer. Please let me know if you want to, and I'll post my address.
    Love, Deb
    P.s. CMP, is that chronic myofacial pain? I think I have that too along with fm.
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    P.s. I posted on 4/15, "To Ac77 and Madwolf, acrylic toxicity??? I listed my complaints from the denture, please check it out.
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    P.S. Boy, my brain must be dead!!!!! Just reread a post I did on Myofacial that you responded to, and I totally forgot about it. I went to PT twice, they said my back and neck and shoulders were terribly knotted up. And it was very uncomfortable at times for the massage. They haven't done lower back and hips yet, I am just as knotty there.
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    i'm gonna have to type in lower caps, my hands are hurting today, due to the digital mucous cyst on some of my finger's. one is real bad, hope it dosen't pop.
    that is a symptom of osteoarthritis, not the cmp or fms. but the fms makes it hurt worse.

    back to your question, yes cmp is chronic myofascial pain, and i have had it and the many problems tha come with it.
    like growing scar tissue, fast, so fast that i can't wear my dentures because of the tissue/gums.

    i asked a couple of the dentist's that i saw, if i could be allergic to them. they said no, it was probably the cmp and there wasn't anything they could do for me.
    now that i think of it, i'm allergic to naylon/rubber/elestic, so maybe that's the trouble.
    i have a lot of swelling of the gums too. they feel rough and raw.

    Do you get nauseated the min. you put them in? i sure do, i carry crackers to help keep it under control when i'm out in the public.

    i had the upper dentures made back in 1980, and i wore them all the time, except for medical surgery's, etc.
    but these new ones are to Heavy, and they feel as if they belong to someone else. the lowers are so painful because of the scartisse that grew there because they had to remove some bone from the gunline. I had them put in back in april of last year.

    it's been pure hell, and i have a reunion i wanted to go to, but not looking like this. i used to turn heads walking down the halls of school. lol, that's what a friend told me the other day in an e-mail, lol, he's to nice. we went to jr & sr hi, he's a lawyer now, you know how they are, lol smooth talker's, and a teacher, he's just a fiend tho. he's been getting a group of us togeather for our big reunion.

    the strange part is that i'm finding out a lot of friends/classmates have health problems too, some so much worse than mine. so i thought why not go, but not without my teeth.

    maybe we should write to extreme makeover's, on nbc, tell them our problems, that should be weird enough for a show, youd' think.

    i'm not one for the deep hurting type of massages, i get great relief from the soft tissue swedish massage.
    my best friend who lives in idaho, treated me, way before i was dx, but i think she knew already. she was wonderful in getting rid of my knot's and sore spot's. i would plead with her to do my feet longer, oh yeah and the back.
    she spoiled me, i'm having trouble finding a good one here in ca. they turn them out in droves here, there are so many "medical school's that folks can go to. some are going to be good, i hope, but you know most aren't.

    i have a printout that i got from dr. starlanyl's website, that is for Physical therphiasts, and i use that for the massae theraphist also.

    well i better go, finger hurts so bad, i have to shut my mouth, hope to talk with you again about cmp, i think a lot of people have the wrong idea about what it can cause. to me it's worse than fms, check out the symptoms, some overlap, but cmp has more. the trigger points cause the weirdest symptoms. I have ended up in the er more times from cmp than fms.

    yes i am an alien.


    ps i hang out on the chit chat board most of the time, because mikie makes me, that's a joke folks, not a swipe really, come on over and visit. it's been real quite lately.
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    I just got long winded with you, and the computer froze when I got to post reply!!! I need to go to bed, I will rewrite it tomorrow. Love, Deb
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    I know how frustrating that is, i have lost many reply's because i was on too long, lol, i get longwinded also.
    the trick is, when the board is busy, write a little and then, use the edit and add more. This usually works for me, but the other day, it bumped me off, and with my hands and back hurting, I was in no mood to reply again. the poster got plenty of answer's so i wasn't really going to add anything new.

    I was wondering if you have Dr. Starlanyl's Book, she has a lot of tips about CMP, and she does explain it so much better than I can.

    I can only talk about my Experiences with the Dang CMP, which has plauged me since childhood.

    Look forward to a post from you later.

    Wanting to know how your dealing with the Denture Issue and CMP. My gums are raw today, i'm having a lot of Pain, we had a storm come in this a.m. so that's causing me to feel Really Lousy. ugh!
    Hope today is a Good day for you and Painfree,
    God Bless you,
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    I will try again!! You mentioned not wanting to go to reunion looking like this. What do you mean? Has you face changed? Mine has, I have had so many periods of swelling in my face, that it has really gotten drawn out. I was a looker too. I have a couple of deeps lines going from the the cheek down towards the jaw line, thyat I never used to have.

    I only have a top denture. I got my first five years ago, never felt right. It always got to loose. It wasn't made right, it should of gone up higher and gone back longer. I had reline after reline. About three years ago I started getting a burning vicelike pressure in my face. My gum burns like crazy too. Sometimes it feels like it is locking in my mouth in the wrong fit, and burn baby burn. I have pain because it dosen't fit right, but the burning pain is from contact with the denture. I finally had the same dentist make a new one, nothing but problems from day one. First he couldn't get them in my mouth when they came back from the lab. So he ground it down and relined. Then the teeth were not in right. So he ground them out and put them back in. Then we had a ton of visits cause they didn't feel like they belonged in my mouth. He relined them over and over. He sent me to a denture specilist who said both dentures were junk, not high enough and long enough. Then he told me I needed surgury to have bony ridges and a rounded bumb removed on the curve of my mouth. That I would never wear a properly made denture with out pain if I didn't have the surgery. So I went back to my dentist, he thought he was nuts and relined the denture again. I haven't even tried to wear it. So I wear my origional one when I go out and to eat. I also have a redness and rashyness around my nose and both sides of it. I have a rashiness on my upper throat also. I have had a constant sinus drip since dentures.

    Si I discussed this with my new pc, about sensitivities, She said it was not her expertise, but when on the internet for me. She is going to set me up with a dermotologist or a allergy doc to investigate. She sent me some info from the web. One about a older woman that was allergic to the die in the acrylic. Some info on a denture material that will lock into your bad spots (boney ridges) and give you a soft comfortable fit.

    I get nauseous alot too, I never feel good, like I have the flu all the time. I have such problems with muscle and joint pain now. I have neuro changes too.

    You can put your top denture in, what dose it feel like when you have it in there? I get swelling alot, cause my denture can go in tight and hurting or it can go in loose. My gums are not overly red. They are very uneven in shape, I think I have had alot of tissue change. I know sometimes my whole face and head hurt like hell. I also have a bad case of tmj.

    I haven't gotten that book yet, but it will be next on my list. I called my chiro today, will see her later today. Haven't been in 2 years. I will ask her about cmp.

    I pray this sucker dosen't freeze up on me. Will look for your answer later. What do you do on the chitchat board, is it the same as this? Have you been on the live chat?

    Love, Deb

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    You sound just like me, been through the Ringer.
    I had no trouble with my First upper denture's, I had them put in right after the teeth were pulled. I had terrible pain, but after a month it went away.
    I found I would get hot spot's, and i would whitle(?) the spot with a tiny knife my F-I-L gave me.
    I wore them all the time, I was to Vain to go with out them, plus my Hubby is younger than me, so I didn't want him to see me like that.

    The trouble started back around Christmas of 2001, continued through to April of 2002, when they finally were able to pull my teeth. They put the Dentures in right away like before, but, this time I could not take the Pain.
    I was on double my Pain med's, with dr.s ok, and also some other meds for the Nausea, after 3 days I had to take them out. They siad to wait 6 weeks them they would reline when the gums healed. Still can't get a good fit.

    I counted my Appointment cards, I keep stuff lol, and I had over 20 cards, and they Still don't fit.

    My first Denture, was thin, and the teeth weren't very large. I had scar tissue grow over the ridge of the denture, so they ended up fitting just right.

    These are huge teeth, and the dentures are so heavy that as soon as I put them in, the start hurting my jaw. I do clench my jaw's at night, and I still bite down, so I do get a lot of swelling in the back area.

    I'm going to see a new Dentist, and take my Old Denture with me, and have him make a pair like that, on the thinner side, I won't care in 20 years if I can wear teeth or not, but right now, it's a must.

    Yes i find my face drooping, it didn't before, i use to pass for 10 years younger than i am. so i was looking forward to the reunion, had some score's to settle with some "girl's" who gave me a bad time. I found out why, after writting to my friend these past 2 years. Never ever thought in a million years that thoes girls were jealous of me. Gad's i was poor, didn't have the nice clothes they had, so i was rather shy, but once i got to be friends with people, that went away.

    I did do some modeling, dancing and singing in my younger day's. Now i can be the before picture, or the face for denture cleanser's, lol.

    I'm also allergic to red dye. I mentioned this to the Dentist, but she said they didn't put dye in it. I really should call one of my bestfriends who lives in Seattle and owns a Dental lab, but i hate to bother her, last time i saw her was 24 years ago, so they might not even be around now.

    sorry about the cruddy typing, but my finger's have thoes darn cyst's and they are bugging/hurting me.

    I wanted to ask how old are you? not that it has any bearing on the Pain issue, but i was 24 years younger the first time, and the CMP and FMS weren't with me on a regular basis like they are now. ;o<

    If you check out the Trigger points, you might find some answer's about what TrPr is causing your problem with the Inflamation, otherwise called swelling.
    check out Dr. Devin Starlanyl website, she has information on CMP and Perpeting factors that cause CMP. The site has a menu that contains links to different topics, with the information being printer friendly.
    i think i have copied the whole list and then some.
    if you like her site, you'll love her book. they are other's but when you have both FMS/CMP, she's the best to read for information that is easy to understand. try this; Check out the trigger point called the SCM, you sound like that is also one of your trigger's, it's one that cause's me most of mine. but there are things you can do to help easse the pain.

    Now about the Chit Chat Board, it's a board just like this, but where we can talk about other thing's, like our family's, hobbies, (x) joke's, but well disguised as clean, with a OOOOPs following, you'll have to read the board to see what I mean. We have fun over there and try to get our minds off of the Illness's for awhile. We also are a smaller board, so folks are able to bond with others a little better there.
    Right now it's kinda quite, but I see some new jokes have been posted, so I think I'll go read them, and then give my finger's a rest.

    at the top of this page, you'll see header's for,
    Post topic, view post, message boards, that's the one you click on and a menu of the different boards will come up, there are quite a few of them. Folks don't realize that they can post on more than one board here, we aren't limited to just this board, it's great for Health info., but we also have a Chat board, a Worship board, a Depression board, etc. and a few post on more than one or 2.

    Well hubby's back from the DMV, hope he got the Van Lic. this time. Guess I'll fix dinner.

    Talk to you soon.
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    Before I forget, I will be 47 on the 29th. I did not have the intensity of this dd when I first got my denture. I read your response, and put it aside cause I was going to eat. When I finished I clicked back in, thought I was loosing it, cause I read stuff at the end that wasn't there before. You had edited it.

    Unless you have a clear acrylic denture, you have dyes in them. You dentist that told you that is not telling you the truth. I am assuming you have the standard pink denture? You really need to do what I am doing and rule out sensitivities before you put any more money into it. I have been dying with this forever, I'll die alittle bit longer so I can get a straight answer. I know one thing, we are all individuals, we all react to things differently, and can't be fairly classified in a group because nothing is perfect, and we could be the weird one that reacts differently then the norm do. Anything is possible!!!

    Your first denture was for your upper, right? And the one in 2001 was for the bottom? Did you have a new upper denture made at the same time? If your first one which was lighter and had smaller teeth was comfortable for you, then why would they make a heavy denture with big teeth for you? Have you asked that question? Please call up local dentists, and ask who they recommend for a hard to fit mouth, in other words a specialist that deals with denture problems all the time. I have read that normal dentists have no buisness making dentures, cause they are only doing it half ass.

    I went to the chit chat board ealier. I didn't know about the other boards, I will check them out. I saw a post for smoking and I replied. But that was a really dead board. Sorry, went to the addiction board.

    I hope your hands are doing better. My mom has osteoartritis, her hands are swollen and crippled looking. But no cysts that I know of. I will check out the cma trigger point you mentioned on that site. I went to chiro today, she said my shoulder and my neck was really out of alignment, so maybe PT will work better now. I hadn't been since 2001, she said no wonder!!!

    I will talk to you later.
    Love, Deb
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    Hi again. I edit so that I won't lose the whole works if the board kicks me off in the middle of a reply, I take a long time to type now, and that has happened a lot.

    Yes I had a whole set made. The uppers are also to big and cause swelling when I wear them.

    I have talked to a lot of Dentist, and being in Ca. there are a lot more to try. I'm not being charged for the reliners or the visit's, have Ins.

    There's a color that is caused from Oxidination, cannot spell, sorry, but it has the apperance of being Red. But it's not a dye, I did look this up, gad's can never find my notes. Also I have thin gum's and a lot of scar tissue, which add's to the Problem.

    What I am planning on doing, is taking in my Older Denture, and having them make a set like that. On the thin side, everytime they reline them, it adds weight it seem's.

    The Dentist I go to have Dental Lab's on site, with a Dental Tech. My bestfriend from hi school, went to school to be a Dental Assit., she ended up working for a Lab and making Denture's. We used to laugh about her job, now I wish she was still living here in Ca so she could make me a set. Guess I may end up going to Seattle to get a pair that fit's.

    Never Give up is my Motto, so I think I'll ride with the hubby next time his job takes him up to Hollywood. Bet there's a Dentist up there who Know's his Stuff, lol.
    He works on Copier's, and other Machine's, and he's Thrilled to be working on some of the Copier's for the "Show Biz People". But that's a story for the Chit Chat Board.

    Hope you had a great night, I'm off the board today, have some medical test's to do, darn it just never ends.
    Fighting a UTI also, and I need to see if the Antibotics worked. Hope so.