KSP 56??? Where are you?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. fivesue

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    Hi Kim!

    I hope your absence means you're having a good time walking your new dog (what is his name?) and enjoying the Christmas season. I hope it doesn't mean you're not feeling well! ARe you having some bad weather there? Can't remember. Stay warm.

    It has been busy here, but as I posted on the To-Do thread, I'm going to rest today. Headache, etc. has got me on the skids today. But, that's OK because Ben and Jerry are in the freezer, just waiting to be warmed up. (-: Marti would not be a good companion today! We're going to have to find some new friends...these are getting pretty well used up. How about...M$&M...now, those little guys are so numerous that they won't all get melted al at once down being our companions! Huh?

    Just missed you yesterday and I know it's almost noon there now, so I hope all is well.

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  3. ksp56

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    I am okay! Thanks for looking out me!

    I have been a tad, fatigued and still haven't decorated the house. Hmmm, guess what gets done, gets done! At least the tree is decorated! LOL

    Another 'Kevin' being Kevin, antic. He skipped school. I swear he has no brain cells. He left after first period and never went back. Argggggggggggggggg! Of course, he doesn't get it why we are so angry. Kevin thought not lying about skipping, was his easy out. WRONGGGGGGGGGGG! He needs to graduate FAST! How did YOU do it????

    I've had several appointments this week, and trying to finish buying gifts! I am just a Merry Little Elf, aren't I?!

    You are so right, Marty, Ben and Jerry are boring me at this time! My new friend is named Pin Ot. Noir. Yes, a little milder than my bad boy Marty and his cohorts! He is however, very soothing some evenings! His presence, leaves my entire being feeling warm and mellow....

    I would use food, but am on a very strict diet! Pin visits very infrequently!

    The new Prather family member is 'Howie'! Boy howdy, he does look like a Howie! Like that small rhyming verse?? I imagine as a teacher, those become annoying! LOL He is an excellent old man!

    I am glad you are resting today! Aside from the holidays, you have much on your plate. I am sending you a warm and gentle, gentle, hug...... Listen to your body. It is pretty darn smart in what it tells us!

    Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh It's time to go decorate. Which means cleaning the furniture too.

    Love you and take perfect care my friend!


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    I swear, it comes with the name. I don't know how many times I've said that, and it always seems to be true. I was very fortunate in that my Kevin didn't pull too many tricks until after he graduated from high school. Thank God for that! At least he graduated. Then...well...that's a long story and pretty ugly in places, but we all lived. I don't really know what I would have done had he rebelled at going to school. That's a toughy! I will pray extra hard for this situation. (By the way, he's clever! "Hummm! If I don't lie, they won't be upset, so I'll just tell them I didn't go to school. Problem solved!" Well, I bet he'll re-think that one now! But, you've got to give him credit for trying...(-: )

    Stomach is in a knot...thought I'd go out, but started to gag and decided the body did know best; graphically put, I didn't want to puke in the bank. So, read in bed and get well. Jim feels lousy, also. But, he always goes to work...it's a guy thing, I think.

    So, you're decorating, huh? You be sure you get some rest. I know you're on WW, so maybe some of the fatigue is the change in diet? And Kevin, and the holidays, and the DD and the BP and......! Take care of yourself and you and your new friend (you are so much classier than I with my M&M's) just hang loose for a bit this evening. You, Jim and Howie on the couch: a Norman Rockwell scene.

    Be praying for you guys and thank you for your support. Talked to my dad this AM and he didn't sound too good. Losing the volume in his voice from lack of oxygen. My poor daddy.

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    It must be difficult hearing your dad's voice weaken. My dad's voice did the same thing, near the end of his life. You are all in my prayers. I have tears in my eye's thinking of you and your family.

    Loved your take on Kevin about the lying! Way cute! He supposedly has a job at Jiffy Lube starting. They do drug testing, of course, but also test for nicotine.

    When they asked if he smoked of course his reply was, NO. Now this information is coming from 'lying larry', who DOES smoke. He tells me not to worry, I have too many other things to be concerned about. Kev is SURE it will okay. Uh, huh... I told him telling a LIE usually doesn't get you where you are going. No wonder the nervous twitch's have started! LOL

    I think about you so much Sue. The holidays are always wearing, even when they are fun. To have a Daddy who is very sick, well, it just stinks.

    I am not above M&M's mind you, they just don't give a quick enough 'glow'!!! LOL

    You get rest...


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    "Don't worry, Mom, I have it under control!" NOT! (-: Guess some just have to learn the hard way. Sigh. Mine is 33 now and I am hoping he has his act together. One day at a time. Eventually it happens...I hope.

    Thank you for your sweet concern. I know Dad's going, and I almost think he hung in there long enough for me to come to visit.

    I really didn't get anything done today....sat and watched the movie Chicago this afternoon...what a slug I am. I love it...love the music, the fun. Makes me laugh and sing. Have you seen it?

    Jim will be home soon, and I feel so guilty about not doing much. It's the A+ personality in me; it may be what got me here in the first place.

    Have a good night...will catch up with you later. I do at least have dinner planned; that should count for something.

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    We are within minutes of being online at the same time!

    Are you there???


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