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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fivesue, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Dear Kim,

    We got home late yesterday with good weather and some good memories to boot. The visits and birthdays with our moms were great, but I was even sadder than before leaving my mom. Just doesn't seem right that she's alone. Yes, I know that is the way it goes, but just seems to really hurt to know Dad's not there and she's alone. Some of my numbness is wearing off and I don't like it.

    But, as I said, we did have a good trip. Santa Barbara was wonderful...walked along the beach in shorts and sleeveless shirts, lay out in the yard on the grass, picked an orange off the tree, peeled it and watched the juice run down my hands...and into my mouth. What a wonderful treat.

    I do hope all is good at your house. I want to take a nap now, but wanted to check in with you. Will be on later today or tomorrow. It's so good to be home.

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Where are you? I'm going to do some laundry...will check back later. Hope all is well.

  3. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I hope she's going somewhere warm and sunny. Thanks for alerting me to this as I would have be concerned otherwise.

    How's the clothes sorting going? (-:

    I've got to get off this computer, get dressed and do laundry. Sometimes this board is addicting. It seems that there is so much to catch up on since I've been gone.

  4. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Hey! I missed you! I am glad it was a nice trip.

    It isn't 'fun' when the numbness starts to fade and reality creeps in. It must be very difficult leaving your mom and knowing she is by herself. I hated it with my Mom and she was here in town. Bless you all..

    Been doing the appointment route for the last week. Also have taken some down time. Having Addie die, was about the last straw. Certainly not like a human! I have been thinking about our friend Dave too. Kinda 'hermited' for several days.

    I would love to see Santa Barbara! And you wearing shorts, while we wear our winter gear! It sounds like that part of the trip was wonderful!

    I cannot wait till we can 'hook up'! Maybe we'll actually be on at the same time! Stranger things have happened! LOL

    I did miss you!



  5. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I was so surprised to see you had posted on the note! I guess I didn't realize they had computers in GA! (-: It looked like the South was having pretty good weather today while the rest of us...not those in Santa Barbara...shivered in the rain, thunder and cold. Those few days in Santa Barbara were my salvation...it was warm and sunny.

    So Jim is working in GA these next couple weeks and you got to go. How cool! Do I know who Addie was? The new dog? The dog before? Fibro fog or whatever, what happened? And Dave...you have had a hard year yourself. Glad you are taking some time for yourself. What appointments have you had in GA?

    So, it was such a nice surprise to see your letter, and yes, we will hook up sometime. You just take care of yourself, rest, have fun, and recoup some of the emotional drain you've had the last couple months. You've need a recharge on your battery.


    I am doing OK right now. It was terribly hard to leave Mom this time...harder than last. Just so empty to not have my dad there. You know. At least my siblings and their local children are doing a great job of stopping by, etc. Just a sad thing for me. (This is supposed to be the second paragraph! There I go again. AAGH!)

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    Unfortunately, we don't leave until next Tuesday for GA. I am still at home doing the daily grind! LOL

    Addie was our cat who had fatty liver disease. We had to have her put to sleep after trying surgery to help her. She was a Tortie and the lady who ruled the animal domain!

    I know this is starting into the real grieving part, for your dad. While no one can walk in your shoes, I am here if you need someone. I don't remember much of the first year after Dad's death. It was so painful, it's as if my mind as tuned it out. I know I cried, alot. God bless you sweetie..

    Today is talk with my appointment for med review. This is for that pesky bipolar problem! LOL I went off Cymbalta. Went cold turkey. I was on 20 mg. and it was awful. I won't tell her that, of course. Just tell her I don't find it of use, and 'hey, what else do you have up your sleeve?'!

    We have parent teacher confrences this afernoon. We already know the worst about Kev's grades. He has A's to not passing in his easiest classes. It was another stellar week with him!

    I better go ready and clean up! Get that war paint on to look presentable to the human world!

    Sue, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Another loss...your kitty! I do now remember the fatty liver but somehow I thought it was Patti's cat. (Twilight Zone music!)

    Med review, huh? Cymbalta didn't work for you how? Pretty brave to just go off it. No wonder things have been pretty low for you. I take 300 mg. of Effexor XR a day, and if I went off cold turkey, I'd probably die! My doc halved it once, and it made me hurt all over, not able to walk and too sleepy to get out of bed. After he restored it to 300, the pain and fatigue didn't completely go away, but it wasn't as bad as before. I truely believe that it was so traumatic on my body that it unleashed FM. Only thing I can come up with as they happened simutaneously. However for my depression, it does work well and it keeps migraines away.

    A med review and a teacher conference. Boy, you really know how to have fun! Sorry about Kevin. Is he in a continuation/alternative high school? I taught in one for 11 years and I saw lots of kids like Kevin come through. The good thing is that most of them, especially those with parental support, grew up to be good citizens. Some just couldn't take the structure of a comprehensive high school, most had severe home problems, and most had a substance abuse problem. But, they do grow up. I hope the conference is helpful...make them be specific about problems and solutions. That way something can be done.

    I must mail a package, go to the gym (Wowsers!), and a couple other things. My DIL is having a complete hysterectomy on Monday; she was told that yesterday. She has been putting it off for a long time and the doc is just putting her in, taking it out and not letting her beg off. She has endometriosis and other problems...she is worried that she won't be a female anymore. Poor dear.

    Let me know about meds and Kev. How long will you be gone when you leave for GA? We are going to Bend, OR, on Sunday the 28th to see Jim's brother and then go to Mt. Shasta on Tuesday to meet with a contractor/designer about our house. Home on Thursday. Again. Felix is going to jail this time. )-:

    Love you. Take care. Must call my mom and that always makes me sad. Thank you for your support; what would I do without it?


  8. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

  9. ksp56

    ksp56 Member


    Apologize for not responding sooner! Didn't make it to the computer yesterday. Trying to catch up with everything!

    We leave Wednesday and come back on Sunday, just as you leave! Whaaaaa When will you be home again?

    Kev is in traditional high school. After a big showdown, he went to his best friend's dad and talked with him. Thank heaven Mark was able to talk to Kevin and have him listen. He came home that evening, late, and hugged me like he hasn't for years.

    He bought a card and said many a thing that brought tears and hope. I know this could change in an instant, but I will remain positive.

    Kevin really wants to go to voc school and we had told him we weren't paying for it, and meant it. Also some other 'real world' eye openers. We will see how his attitude and school ethic progresses, or not.

    Is it beautiful where you will be building? What is it you like about the area that stood out for you and Jim? Tell me more, tell me more!

    Good for you going to the gym!! It would kill me, with the CF. I do better with stretching video and hopefully, with the Tai Chi. I am proud of you!

    I have been put on an extremely low dose of Prozac, to boost my Wellbutrin and other meds. I told her if I notice one negative feeling/change, it's OUTTTTTTTTT!

    Need to return some items I bought, and finally get some groceries. GASP!

    I'll hang around for a few minutes to see if you happen to be here!

    Take perfect care,


  10. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Thanks for the well-wishes, Patti. We now don't know if we're going or not as it looks like it will be very cold, rainy and snowy when we are planning to travel. We wouldn't mind it if we were there, but we would have to drive in that weather. We first want to go visit Jim's brother in Bend, OR, and it looks like there is just a storm coming in to the whole area on Saturday and lasting through as long as the forcast shows. We'll keep an eye on the weather. One things we've learned by living this long...things change! (-:

    We like Mt. Shasta, Kim, because it has four seasons and my husband loves warmer weather. It is cold and some snow in the winter, but a half an hour of so down I-5 and you're out of it. We will be retired and have an RV...(-: It is a mountain setting, about 3500 feet elevation. Trees, streams, etc. A pretty place. (see below sign off for the rest about Mt. Shasta....I messed up again.)

    Kevin's attitude sounds better. I'll pray he continues and graduates. I was so happy to see mine graduate even though things had been hard with family during their teen years. Hang in there; you will make it and so will Kevin. He has a good set of parents.

    So how will the weather be in GA? Hopefully it will be a change from your cold climate. You are staying with friends?

    Where do you two think you may move? I know you think about your mother, and I would too. But, if you could go somewhere for a few years and could go anywhere near an airport, boy, that sounds really freeing. Your children are grown and as we all know, that doesn't mean much except you could go and no one would charge you for abandonment. (-: Any places under consideration?

    Must go! Prozac...was good for me until it wasn't and I took a high dose. Is this for bi-polar? You are such a trooper for doing all you do with your health issues. Very impressed!

    The gym...haven't been there yet and will only take a low impact aerobic class for oldies when I go...hurt my back day before yesterday and need to stretch, rest. Ah, the best laid plans....

    Have a great day, you two. Travel safely, Kim, and I will keep you informed about our plans.


    The town sits under the shadow of Mt. Shasta. We will have a view of it from one side of our planned home. It has a wonderful man-made lake that we love to go camping at, and getting in and out of the town to other places in the state is easy. Just get on I-5 and go...north, south, etc. In Eureka, it is hard to get in and out of here and roads are often closed. And it's never warm here. So...

    That's the long and short of it. We may not be going this comin week, and even if we do, we will be back on Thursday. Short trip. Kitty goes to the kennel this time. Shhh! He doesn't know it yet. (-: (yet again I started at the top when I went back to look at your post!)

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