KSP56!!! HI!!!

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    Hi Kim...

    Just a note to say hello. Hope all is going well with you and your Christmas is coming along! How is your mom? Kevin?

    Such a strange feeling, this grief process. Right now I just feel numb...kind of like I'm living in the world but all is just swirling around and nothing really is truly sinking in...a state of suspended annimation but still moving. I know it will end, but it's nice now. I don't have to feel so much.

    also, my Kevin was here, and boy, has he grown up! I told him you had an 18 year old Kevin...no details...and he shuuddered and said that the actions, etc. go with the name. Hopefully your Kevin is doing well...being good so Santa will come! (-: Just a note of encouragement; they do grow up! Hang in there.

    Have a lovely Christmas. Look forward to chatting again when I get home.