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    Hi Kim!

    I think I'm back now although I'm not sure! (-: I am so tired and yet have so much to do. I'm sure you understand. One day at a time right now. My mom is doing OK...plenty of family; my niece is staying with her this week. My brother got a week off and my sister is visiting her husband's cousin in the mountains of Mexico. I'm the lucky one. I get to be home.

    Sounds like you had a very traumatic Christmas Eve and following. I am so sorry for you friend, but I also am relieved that her husband has no more cancer pain...I am also very happy my dad never had much pain at all. That was a real gift from God.

    So, here we are almost in the new year, and life is plugging along. How are you feeling? Meds holding up under all this stress? How about pain levels? How are you sleeping? It seems so long since I've chatted with you. I do think of you often and am thankful for our friendship.

    I'm going to stay home today, do some laundry, maybe watch a movie and rest. Jim is working, but he will take half-day off tomorrow so he can have a 3 1/2 days off...and we won't have to go anywhere, I hope. There is a fly in the ointment.

    Our son-in-law's father is dying or possible dead by now. At 73, he has numerous serious health problems and last night Tom (Jim's daughter's husband//they are like my kids, too!) had to drive to Stanford Medical Center as his dad was again bleeding in his esophogus (sp?) and his condition is so critical that putting a feeding tube in is too risky. That is a bad state. I'm going to call Jennifer, who is just pregnant and very sick, to see what's happening.

    Anyway, can't think of any other bad things to tell you! (-: Boy, it's been a lousy month...a lousy year for us. How did your mom do over the holidays?

    Praying for you and all your family. God does hear and answer prayers as we all were able to accomplish everything needed for the memorial, etc. for my dad. All the children/ grandchildren/great grandchildren were able to be there and all arrived and returned safely. Praise God.

    Rest and take care. Love to hear how you are.

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    It is good to hear from you. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily.

    How wonderful your mom has a support system near. That will make a difference. No matter, it does take a long time to feel as if life will have some sense of being, a new, normal. I pray for her

    So, how are you doing, my friend? That is a silly question, I know. After my Dad died, I took it minute by minute. No matter how old we are, a parent's death is very difficult. I talk to my daddy everyday.

    Are you getting enough rest? You've had such an emotional and stressful time. You take care of you! Remember, everything will be waiting for you!

    Thank you for thinking of Terri and Dave. It was a relief to know that Dave was out of pain. Terri's family is leaving tomorrow. I told her I would always be here for her. She knows the worst is yet to come.

    Dave never should have been in pain. It's needless in this day and age. I wish hospice had been in place earlier.

    I am extremely exhausted. My glands are swollen (CF maybe) and my ears hurt like heck. It has been so rainy and damp which brings even more fibro pain. All I want to do is lie down. I keep thinking I need to push myself more, but it just makes things worse. Guess it will Christmas for awhile longer, seeing as I am very apathetic at this time!

    My meds seem to be working. The depression I have is due to Dave's death and being so tired. I have an appointment in early Jan., to have them my review.

    I am sorry for your son-in-laws father. What a sad time it has been this year. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

    I miss you too, Susie. We still need to 'chat'. It would be so wonderful to have access to each other.

    YOU take care and know that I am there, in spirit, with you.

    Much love,


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    You poor thing! To be sick with earaches is the worst; I spent my childhood dealing with those and do everytime I get a cold now. Ugly hurt!

    We will chat. Someday we will get our e-mails exchanged. It's iteresting that people post e-mail addresses all the time and no one catches it...and you one time try to bend the rule and BAM!!! Just don't get it, ya' know? (-:

    I'm vegging today...a little laundry and a lot of sitting. Feels pretty good.

    Love and many, many thanks for all your prayers, love, and concern. You are a very kind person! (-:


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