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    Where are you? How are you? How is Kevin? How is his friend who was so badly injured?


    Just wanting to know where you are and how you are. I am on my new laptop downstairs right now, so I don't have my address book filled out on. If I don't hear soon, I'll just have to go upstairs and e-mail you.

    Hope you are OK!

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    Oh, Kimmie?
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    I am happy you are home, safe and sound. I've been praying for you all.

    My back, neck and shoulders have been in major spasms since having a lumbar injection last week. They are trying another muscle relaxer. It's been a painful last week. I can't sit at the computer too much.

    I've missed you! Hopefully, these spasms will let up very soon.

    Kevin is doing okay. Still quite a way to go. His friend has a broken neck, and is in a 'halo'. Other than that, he is fine! I hope both of these boys realize how fortunate they are, and appreciate life more.

    Gotta go.. Can't stand sitting anymore!

    Much love,

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    It sounds very painful to have those muscles all tightened up like that. I do hope this new muscle relaxer works well.

    So glad to hear both boys are progressing. I wonder if the two of them realize how fortunate they are. I mean, this is a very strong message...two friends who drive drunk and survive. I pray this will be a real wake-up call for both.

    You take care of yourself. So happy to hear from you.

    Thank you for your prayers, Kim. It was a very hard time, but it's over. Now, we have the loss to deal with plus dealing with his parents' house, the property,etc. and our own house, property, etc. Never a dull minute.

    Will get back to you soon.

    Just happy to hear from you and will pray for some quick relief from these spazams...