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    I went to the website you posted about tong ren and it looks interesting.

    How long have you been doing it?

    Have you just been doing the free treatments, or did you pay for some as well?

    Also, there are several different practitioners on the website who do the free conference calls.

    Is there one in particular who helped you the most?

    A few years ago I came across a woman who did energy healing at a distance over the phone. I know this will sound hokey to most people on this board, but that's too bad. Anyways, she really did help me, temporarily. My energy was much improved for a few days after each session. I would have kept it up, but I couldn't afford it as she was rather expensive.

    It is great that there are free tong ren treatments available.

    I'd appreciate any further information you can provide. Thanks!

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    If you have time, get on every free call! Go on the cancer calls as well but don't say your name , just listen in and you will get the benefits. You can actually go on one or two calls a week and still feel much better, but the more the better.

    If you get on every free call you can within 2 weeks, I can almost promise you will feel much better. You may be able to reduce your supplement intake as well. I had frquent infections and did not ever have to take another antibiotic since then. I actually felt better the next day I woke up.

    Every practitioner is good. After you try it out you will probably try to get to as many as you can because you will realize that it's all good and the more the better. I still try to go on each one.

    Each person only gets a minute but you should stay on the entire duration of the call to get the chi when they doll for other people.

    You will find that 3 women who are volunteers had cfid and fibro and are now doing very well and are cured.

    My advice is just to try it. I've heard of people getting cured of stage 4 cancer, brain tumors, it's quite common all the successes they have.
    I have been doing it for about a year and for a long time stopped because I was doing so well. I wouldn't pay for sessions until I checked out the free ones first. If you see that they are helping alot which I can almost promise you will, then pay unless you can afford it. With the private sessions, you will see even faster progress.

    I might have to get private sessions if I want to go back to school

    Did you check out the you tube videos for tong ren? They are truly inspiration. I know alot of them!

    Please let me know if you have any further questions

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    Thanks so much for your reply! I will most definitely give it a try. Next to crashing after overdoing it, my worst symptom is getting sick and recurrent infections each time I crash.

    I haven't checked out youtube videos yet, but will do that as well.

    Thank you again --

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    I've gotten so much out of it, and my wallet loves it too! I wish everyone would try it!

    On the video Janet talks about having CFID
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    Hi Mary,

    I forgot to say. When you call in make sure that you are comfortable so you can feel the energy moving around by uncrossing arms and legs and palms up. I like to lie down because i feel more relaxed. I feel more energy when I open my palms.