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    Don't you wish sometimes you could get kudos for getting out of bed rather than blank stares and wispers about how you're not "really" sick?
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    Hi there and glad you wrote. Truthfully, I don't want the kudos. But I would love someone to say "hey, would you like to do lunch today?" Being disabled and in an electric scooter (wearing leg braces) , I have found it true that some people are uncomfortable around someone in a wheelchair, a power chair or an electric scooter and are uncomfortable with going out to a restaurant with them. I lost so many friends when I became disabled.

    As for blank stares and whispers that we're not really sick, I remember a quote from a disabled poet that was in an iron lung (and has since passed away) about everyone either becomes disabled or dies. So realistically I figure that the people who look down on us or whisper nasty things about us could be the next people disabled with what we have--I became disabled in the blink of an eye. The quote is below.

    "I want people to think of disability as a social problem . . . . Everyone becomes disabled unless they die first." Mark O’Brien July 31, 1949 – July 3, 1999.
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    May I call you Hrh?

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    If you don't get out much, and many of us don't, you may
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    I must say I never thought about owning a kudu. Looked
    'em up in Wikipedia. Apparently

    The Kudu is an antelope
    With stripes upon his backside.
    He boasts a set of twisted horns;
    Without them he would lack pride.

    The Kudu live where it is hot
    In places like Botswana.
    Their horns are used to make Shofars,
    And blown on Rosh Hashanah.