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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by alec, May 29, 2003.

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    I have been on Kutapressin injections for the last 3 months and after the first 2, felt I was seeing some improvement. My doctor prescibed an additional 3 months, but now my pharmacy cannot find the product. I checked with Pharmacy on the Park, but was told they were using their supply for their current customers. Any other sources anyone is willing to share? I did call the company directly (as did my pharmacist) and was told them were not producing the product at this time and did not know when they would be.

  2. alec

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    Thanks for your responses. I will try the New York number. After contacting my doctor regarding the problem filling the prescription, he mentioned changing to Famvir. I am just a little apprehensive about taking it after reading the possible side effects. Thanks again.
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    I am coming to tha East End in late June for thae summer. Last year I went to a Dr. Enlender and he does give Kuttapresin Shots mixed with other things- .I cannot remember the town- but he is in Suffolk County and New York City. Dr. Derek Enlender is his name. No good for me but everone is different. This is my first time on this message board. Ireally need some help as to find a group or someone near Southampton Long Island or in some on Rt. 27. I hope that you or somebody can help me. I have not been feeling well and if I were not totally financially obligated I probably would stay home- but it is DEADLY HOT here. I did check on the support group info but found nothing. Please help me if you can. Thanks Sue
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    Nink--maybe I should have put that a different way. The lady whom I spoke with said the pharmacy was not filling any NEW prescriptions, but would hold them until a new supply of Kutapressin was received and she didn't know when that would be. Anyway, it sounds as if most of the pharmacies are in the same situation since the company is not currently producing the product. Guess we'll just have to try something else.