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    Sorry for tsking so long to get to everyone. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST.
    If you have used Kutapressin, do not throw away the vials or the boxes. Pleawse check the expiration date on the top of the box and side of the vial. If you are a patient and you have a safety stock of Kutapressin, PLEASE CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE ON THE SIDE OF EACH BOTTLE THAT YOU HAVE. There is a batch lot with an expiration date of 7-03 that was released when the emrgency supply was released. The expiration date on my pharmacy label was 04-04.

    I have alerted various departments of the FDA to the medication shortage, and I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to report and receive information from the FDA, several Fiscal Intermediaries for Medicare Medicaid (I discovered thta Medicare ceased reimbursement for Kutapressin; they claim that it is not an FDA approved drug), Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services etc. I continue to work with several members of my congressional delegation. I would like to post their contact information, they are working diligently on this issue, but it is unclear to me if I am allowed to do so. It would also be helpful to know the pharmacy that the drug came from, and, in particular, the drug wholesaler/distributor (there are 3 drug wholesaler/distributors that account for 90% of USA drug distribution)Please advise

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    What exactly are you asking for here? An OK to post contact information? Expiration dates? The names of distributors?

    For those of us who take kutapressin, this is significant. Let's give Annepat a hand.


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    Racwhite(sp) may know the contacts you are looking for.Not personally,she was a Drug Rep and may konw the *proper* contacts you seek.Maybe if you address her in title you can find out.Don't know,just trying to help :). peace,lisa