Kutapressin Users..Write Schwarz Pharma Please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dove1, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. dove1

    dove1 New Member

    If you are missing your kutapressin, please write Schwarz pharma directly and let them know how much the drug means to you. A mass letter writing campaign can only help the cause. I would love to know numbers of letters going out.

    Contact person: ahenson@schwarzusa.com
  2. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    You are an angel for that post!!! I just wanted to thank you...and off i go to send out a letter.....
    I want my life back! As bad as it was, this is not to be believed.......This is my 4th week "homebound", and the second time this summer.....all since i have been w/o Kut.
    I'll be watching for more info from you.....tho i get lost on this board; and never find the same thing twice!!!!!!!
  3. dove1

    dove1 New Member

    Dr Lapp wrote me back today stating he believed that Kutapressin was back in production and we should all know in a month when it will be available to the consumer. Thank God! I will update you as I learn more.
    In the meantime, please write Schwarz Pharma and let them know you need your kutapressin on the market again!
  4. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    Since my last post to you w/i the past hour; i received a long e mail; going around the NY metro area.re the problem......If someone can tell me how to post it.....i will......
    \ But they are still trying to get access to the formula' so it can be compounded by an undisclosed wholesaler and be distributed to pharmacies.......There are a lot of problems with the co. that manufactured it (not Schwarz. but Taylor ,also known as Akorn) that violated FDA regulations......These problems go back to 2000.It is being questioned when the last batch was made; and does it go back 3 years? Was it corrupt/contaminated? Should physicians run tests on their patients that were using it??
    That is a summary of the letter......Carole
  5. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    For your count i did write that letter to Schwarz....It can't hurt.......Carole
  6. cma331

    cma331 New Member

    For your count i did write that letter to Schwarz....It can't hurt.......Carole
  7. annepat

    annepat New Member

    Taylor pharmaceuticals, also known as Akorn Pharmaceuticals, has been under FDA investigation for quality issues, improper documantation, and lack of employee training.

    Taylor also FAILED to properly notrify the SEC about the FDA investigation, which resulted in an ongoing SEC investigation.

    Schwarz knew about it, but rather than disclosing it, they hid it.
  8. annepat

    annepat New Member

    I posted it on co-cure.

    Go to the Akorn website and check their financial documentation, and check Akorn @yahoo finacial docs.

    Akorn is still negotiating w/FDA. Sec also problematic-they neglected to tell stockholders about FDA issues, and they submitted an unaudited year end report.

    All the info you need is there-it has been there, no one wanted us to find it.

    The FDA missed it because Kuta was relabeled for Schwarz, and Taylor changed their name.


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