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    Well, I took the blunge. I am on my second day of taking Kutapressin. I take 1cc a day. I pray this helpsmy CFS and the flu-like symptoms. I can't get much worse, since I have been almost completely bedbound for over 14 months. Something has got to work for me. I can't take supplements. I do take Vit B12 and B complex injections per week. I hope I can get on vitamins over the year, if I add one at a time over a 2 week period. I have been reading several positive things about Kutapressin and how it has helped some CFS patients. I hope it will help me. I'll write back if it helps me or doesn't help....Gala
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    I hope this helps you. Did your doc tell you that it may make you feel worse before feeling better? Anti-virals and anti-biotics often produce the Herxheimer Effect when they kill off pathogens and they can become toxic in the body until they are excreted. Be sure to drink lots of water and do let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you Mikie for the infor. No my doctor told me nothing about this drug. I went to him with article from this website and a book. He knows nothing. No doctor in this area know how to treat CHS but my doctor will help me try anything that might help me. Nobody, told me I might feel worse before I feel better. Yuh....Gala