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  1. alec

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    I am starting treatment with Kutapressin and noticed in a prior message that it was mentioned that one might experience a reaction (Herx) to this medication. At what point in the treatment might this occur? and how is it experienced? Thanks.
  2. layinglow

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    Hi Alec,
    I have been corresponding with someone on Kutapressin therapy, and doing much research. I have a doctor's appointment, this Monday, to discuss this. I am curious, does your protocol include B12 injections, as well? It is my understanding that this addition greatly increases, a good outcome. May I also ask, how long you have been taking Kutapressin, and with what results?
    Thanks so much,
  3. alec

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    I just started the Kutapressin last Saturday, 2/22/03, and will add MGN Double Strength tabs this Saturday and then Transfer Factor the following week. So far, the doctor has not indicated that I will take anything else. Since I have just started treatment, I am curious how others have responded.

  4. LinnFam

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    My son was prescribed Kutapressin. It took a few days for the pharmacy to find and order it. Now, I have it and a bag of needles and a very skinny, bony son, on which we have to find some "meat" to inject into. He's SO SKINNY I'm afraid I'll hit bone with those 1" needles... I started to practice on an orange, but it's a different thing doing it on him.
    Help! I need tips and encouragement.

  5. Mikie

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    When giving subQ injections, it is my understanding that the needle is not inserted into the muscle tissue. I have gotten injections like this and they are put just under the skin. A little bump rises where the liquid is injected and is slowly absorbed into the system. This was before patches, but the idea is the same.

    Love, Mikie
  6. LinnFam

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    We finally decided on the thigh, and, it was smooth sailing!
    My son also started on Doxy. Yesterday he had a major Herx and today is still very ill, though not as alarmingly so.

    I've been in tears a lot lately. My son is so sick, my husband had shoulder and eye surgery and is having severe trigeminal pain and can't work. My new baby grand daughter was born with kidney problems and is due for surgery in a couple of months. We also care for Grandma who's a diabetic. I'm the only one who can drive now and I feel like I'm having to hold it all together! Now that I've said that, I'm finished, thanks...

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    Hi Alec,
    I started Kutapressin on 4/1 and wondered if you've had any good response to this? I've been out of work with CFS and Herpes 6 Virus since June of last year. Did you take anything else with the Kutapressin? ANy info you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



  8. alec

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    I'm just starting my third month on Kutapressin. I always hesitate to say I'm better, becasue the next day I won't be. I do think I'm beginning to see some improvement in my level of fatigue in the last week. In the past I have often had several weeks when I felt pretty good only to crash and go through weeks of feeling bad, so I'm always cautious in thinking I might actually be improving.
    I'm taking colostrum and MGN3(a natural killer cell booster)along with a multi vitamin. I have noticed some use Vitamin B12 injections, but my doctor hasn't put me on that. I'm awaiting results of some immune functions tests I had done after my second month of Kutapressin was completed. I guess time will tell if Kutapressin works for me. I wish you much success and wellness with your treatment. Keep us posted on your progress.
  9. joyce1107

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    Thanks so much for your response. I think I feel a difference from the first couple of weeks. In the beginning I felt alot worse than before but it seems to be better then that, but like yourself I could have a great day today and tomorrow be a rough one. I don't know where you're from, but I was seeing a holistic doctor and was receiving what they call Ultra Voilet Blood Irriation treatments, Vitamin C IV and also Peroxide IV treatments. They all seemed to be working and and I thought I might return to work January and then in the beginning of Jan started feeling worse again. I live in New York - where are you located? Are you able to work?

    Thanks again and I pray you keep getting better

  10. alec

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    Glad to hear you're having positive results with your treatment. I do work full time at a job I've had for over 25 years--so my immediate boss has been really understanding and supportive as I struggle to balance health and work. Since my insurance is through my job, I have desparately tried to work when I probably should have given in and stayed home. I live in rural Illinois so doctors are hard to find and any doctor whose practice is "alternative in nature" is nonexistent locally. I was seeing a homeopathic doctor (a 2 hours drive from me) and
    felt he was on the right track with my treatment when he died unexpectantly (not real good advertisement for homeopathy). I have since found a naturalpathic doctor who has me on the kutapressin, so I remain hopeful.
  11. jcobbin

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    My wife has been on Kutapressin for over ten years. We were obtaining under tle lable of Schwarz Pharma, manufactured by Taylor Pharmaceuticals from Decatur Ill.
    Bit it nowe seems that Taylor has been acquired by another company and neither they nor Schwarz Pharma is no longer producing Kutapressin.

    Where can we get it. Is there another manufacturer??

    If someone could rreply by email to me at:

    I would be most appreciative.

  12. joyce1107

    joyce1107 New Member

    I've been going through the reordering nightmare since last week when I had to refill my prescription. I had one pharmacist this morning speak to someone at manufacturer that they aren't making anymore of the Kutapressin at this time. I also spoke with my doctor (I live in New YOrk) and she heard they may start manufacturing again in July. I just try calling the number you listed and was told that as of this week their contact can no longer get it. I wonder how they can do something like this to people using it.

    Any more ideas and what has your doctor said about putting you on something else?

    Thanks and good luck
  13. joyce1107

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    I also just called the 800 for Schwartz Pharma and was told they are trying very hard to get this back in production but have no idea when that might be but said to keep checking in with them.

    I also have a call into a compound pharmacy in New Jersey to see if they can produce. If this works out I'll post the information.

    Hang in there.