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    I am a patient of Dr. Enlander, a doctor who has always used kutapressin. It is my understanding that when supplies ran out he directed a team that derived a new injectable solution that is the chemical equivalent of kutapressin. It goes by the name hepapressin (sp?). He has told me it is the exact same thing. Maybe this is a quick (or long term fix) for those of us who have counted on kutapressin for so long. I've already taken two injections of the stuff. I hope Dr. Enlander doesn't mind me posting this information. I just know that a lot of us have been running around with our heads cut off trying to get Schwarz to continue producing kutapressin.

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    Thank you for posting that info .......I have been in a full summers crash..since i ran out of Kutapressin.....Is Hepapressin given as a daily 1cc self injection? I would like to give more info to my doc on it....whom i am seeing on Tuesday......Is there anything posted on it?
    Thanx, Carole
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    I am pretty sure that this stuff is available directly through Dr. Enlander-- not through Cambridge Chemists (last time I checked, they stopped offering other products of the doctor). Hepapressin (is it hepatopressin???) comes in 0.5 ml shots just as my kutapressin did.