Kutapression/Nexavir and TF

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    Hi all,

    I have few questions about TF and Nexavir/Kutapression

    1. Do we need an Rx from Dr. to buy TF?

    2. for the people who tried Nexavir/Kutapression and also TF.. Which one would you suggest. (in my case EBV, HHV6, low NK, and low white blood cells)

    3. Is Nexavir/Kutapression are only under injectable forms, or is it availbale also as caplets? I am not sure I would be able to inject myself!!!

    I have tried Valtrex as AV but it just was not for me, got too much fatigue from it and symptoms became awfully worse.


  2. spacee

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    I have been away and this slipped by.

    1. No, TF's are sold without a RX.

    2. My answer is based on the personal expeience of my friend and me.

    I do MUCH better on Immune Transfer C than I did on Kutapressin. Have not tried Nexavir. My bloodwork is very similar to yours. Open the Immune Transfer C and put contents under your tongue (sublingual). And keep the TF refrigerated.

    My friend did MUCH better on Kutapressin.

    3. Nexavir/Kutapressin is avail to be injected. Kutapressin was also available as an ointment.

    You will have to do like the rest of us....try, try, try.

    Some people go through herxing on the TF's. Meaning they feel sicker as the pathogens die off. Some start out on 1/2 a capsule. Mikie "pulsed" hers (didn't take it every day). I would say that she has seemed to have the best recovery. She has posted many times how she did it. Do a
    "search" at the top and you can find it.

    Hugs, Spacee
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    Thanks for your respond, just few more questions please,

    1. How long did it take you to start to feel better with TF.

    2. Were you able to see the difference physically, or were the blood test got better, means the viruses went inactive and /or were there a difference with the white blood cell and NK. like in which way did you find the amelioration.

    Unfortunatley I am allergic to folic acid and found out that some of the TF get folic acid in it, so I am trying to see weather there is a compagny that does the TF without adding Folic acid in it. the same whay goes with Nexavir which is derived from Liver and I am allergic to liver too. So I am still searching for something that would suit me.

    3. Can you tell me please, if the TF you are using contain any folic acid on it. and if yes what is the quantity, for me to see if it would be ok for me.

    Thank you so much for your response

    Take care,